November 06, 2011

The Gospel According to People and US Weekly

Gentle Reader: Has anyone, besides me, noticed the entertainment weeklys in the United States over the last several years treat non-married opposite sex couples and same sex couples as "no big deal" and it's perfectly normal and acceptable to "shack up" and have kids with multiple partners that you will not have to deal with because you'll have your illegal nanny and au pair to raise them for you? Sometimes, it's like kids are the latest "must have" like an iPad and a chihuahua. (whatever happened to Paris Hilton's chihuahua anyway?). Seriously, are Angelina and Brad's kids capable of walking on their own or should a orthopedic doctor be consulted? I swear those kids are carried around like Prada bags.

I digress.

How many of us can name Elton John's and Neil Patric Harris' partners? Come on now! How about Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O'Donnell's? They are listed in entertainment mags like any married opposite sex relationship would be.

We are being indoctrinated to pass over sin unnoticed. If we print it enough, eventually it will be truth and accepted. Newsmagazines and newspapers are well aware that a large segment of the population doesn't go to a church, any church, anymore. Large numbers of people identify themselves as "spiritual but not religious" meaning they have their own personal spirituality (iSpirituality) but they reject cohesive religious tradition. The media is aware that moral outrage died along with a belief in sin and damnation a few decades ago. The voices that may have cried "foul" and cancelled subscriptions a few decades ago are now silent. Silence equals acceptance.

I knew a line had been crossed when, a few weeks ago, Parade, a magazine I typically associate with God and solid American values, had a cover story on Ellen DeGeneres and mentioned her "marriage" without blinking.

Truth will not ever appear in secular print. Belief should not be defined by majority opinion. When has it ever been popular to be a Christian? When has it ever been acceptable to most of the proclaim oneself a Catholic - and furthermore a Catholic who actually lives and believes the teaching of Christ proclaimed by the Magisterium?

God created man and woman; complimentary, to populate the world He created with what He made in his own likeness and image. If God wanted couplings of all types to populate the world; He would have created, in the Garden, Adam and Eve and Ethan and Zacchias and Lilith and Judith and made a way for each of these couples to conceive naturally without a petri dish and a sperm donor (or maybe Adam could've filled that role and then who knows where the line of David would've unfolded?)

Even a super-prog, like Matthew Fox, gets as far as Adam and Eve before he vears off into his original "blessing" beliefs. I'm sorry to break it to the rest of you, but Lilith is a creation straight out the imagination of Judith Plaskow. Ethan and Zacchias were not in the Garden; I made them up.

Anyone can invent something out of their imagination and spin it so it sounds authoritative and truthful. In Catholicism, we are blessed to have a Magisterium. We don't have the confusion of the Protestant denominations where interpretations of truth can vary from church to church depending upon the pastor. Unfortunately, in Catholicism, we see all too many of our brothers and sisters in Christ being led astray by the magisterium of the small group and the deception of iSpirituality. We see far too many Catholics, locally, who learn their catechism, not from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or the Archbishop, but the StarTribune - one of the most anti-Catholic newspapers in the upper Midwest.

Friends, it is never too late to come to the Truth. I was nearly 40 before I figured out that, supposedly, learned people were leading me into Hell by persuading me their personal agendas were actual Catholicism.

Accept no substitutes. Ask yourself, have you ever actually READ any documents of the Church Fathers? In their entiriety, NOT a summary or a selection of reflections on it by a theologian whose credentials and history have to make you wonder why they are bothering. Really, ask yourself why ARE they bothering. Do you really think someone who has been disciplined by the Church numerous times for heresy has your spiritual welfare at heart? Do you really think organizations that are not permitted by the local Archbishop or Bishop to speak as representatives of the Church, organize, or celebrate Mass in your diocese are worth staking your life on?

Or, do you think that any speaker or outfit that IS banned by the Church or the local Bishop is the one you truly desire because it more than likely speaks to YOUR agenda? If so, ask yourself, why are YOU bothering? Do you truly have the immortal souls of the faithful in mind or are you thinking of youself? Are you really a member of the body or a dead appendage off on your own unable to move or survive without the body but unwilling to be in Hell alone?


Blogger Adrienne said...

How about the decorating mags (none of which I can afford anymore) showing off the homes of homosexual "partners" who are always guys. I will admit their homes are lovely. Maybe lesbians don't decorate as well - but I digress.

Allow me to tell you the outcome of this crap. I've been following the stories of about 25 local teenage girls on Facebook (one is my recent confirmation sponsoree), ranging in age from 14 to 17, who are all unmarried and pregnant. The kicker?? They all got pregnant on purpose. It has really become so normalized that they see no problem with this scenario.

The parents and grands log on and tell them how "cute" they look and they all have big baby showers. They call the sperm donor the "baby daddy" --hmmmmm - wonder where they got that little term? What the hell???

I keep promising a post on this but haven't had the heart to do it yet.

November 06, 2011 2:41 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Auntie: On what alternate reality are you meek? Fire off that post!

I've not read a decorating mag in 10 years-I had no idea!

November 06, 2011 2:51 PM  
Blogger Terry Nelson said...

Whatever happened to Anne Heche?

November 06, 2011 8:59 PM  
Blogger Larry Denninger said...

iSpirituality ~ brilliant!

November 07, 2011 7:39 AM  
Blogger ignorant redneck said...

You Rock--I wish I could blog as well!

November 10, 2011 10:15 AM  
Blogger belinda said...

Terrific post Miss Cathy. These things aren't mentioned as sin anymore because the truth is painful to hear - Oh, and old fashioned, and constraining.

I was listening to NPR and the host was talking about why Christianity is a dying religion, yet spiritualism is on the rise. She said that Christ isn't necessary for salvation anymore.

They indicated that their knowledge would save them. -Same old lies and deception that started in the garden long ago.

November 12, 2011 1:23 PM  

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