September 20, 2011

Are We Having Any Fun Yet?

Today in history "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has been repealed in the U.S. Military. Today in neighborhood history I'm in Day Two of the door-to-door election campaign siege: Meaning they knock and I refuse to go to the door and then throw their literature they insert in the door frame in the trash. I used to feel a sense of obligation and guilt if I didn't go to the door so there I would be: holding my dinner plate while wearing my pajamas and robe (I get into both as soon as I get home from work so sue me) talking to these folks who 9 times out of 10 are supporting some progressive, leftie cause that I'd probably be excommunicated over. Uh, yeah, no thanks, what part of my statue of Our Lady of Peace outside makes you think I support that stuff that is contrary to my beliefs?

Yet, they always hope that you are one of those CINO's that has the exterior trappings of Catholicism but thinks Ted Kennedy was the greatest man who ever lived. Most of the time they are probably right..not at my house though. Heh.

Speaking of "don't ask, don't tell" many of us treat our Faith like that - especially in the workplace? You don't ask and I will not tell. These days it's perfectly acceptable to talk about your "partner" at work but if you want to talk about Christ you better be ready for a meeting with your HR business partner about how inappropriate evangelizing in the workplace is. Yet, really, what is talking about your family unit structure? Isn't that a form of evangelization? It must be. If it wasn't and if so many people were not carrying that torch for the last 3 decades of openness and inclusion (which I continue to maintain means openness and inclusion of anything other than traditionalism), would alternative family structures and domestic partnership (rather than one man, one woman) be enjoying the widespread acceptance it seems to enjoy now?

At my workplace there is a Christian interest group along with some ethnic interest groups and a GLBT interest group. In the Christian interest group there is a Wiccan spy whose only reason for being on the Christian interest group is to report back to executive leadership when, God forbid, there is any mention of Jesus or anything going on that looks like evangelization. Did I mention that no one is forced to join this group and participation is not mandatory? Is anyone seriously going to tell me that the ethnic and GLBT interest groups don't have an agenda that they are pushing? Isn't that agenda a form of evangelization, if you will?

I'm creative, but even I can't make this stuff up.

On the other hand, when presented with the opportunity to talk with co-workers about, say, what are you going to do on Sunday or what do you do for fun, how often do we NOT mention going to Mass, prayer groups, Adoration, RCIA, Scripture reading etc?

Is it that we don't consider Catholic activities "fun" or is it that we've bought into the corporate culture that says you don't talk about your Faith at work because you might offend someone?

I know I'm occasionally pretty lame when it comes to talking about my Faith with others in the workplace. Lukewarm.

Is there a happy medium for discussing the Faith when working for your daily bread? Should there be?


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