May 27, 2008

7 Random Things Meme

I was indirectly tagged by The Crescat to do the 7 Random Things Meme. I also want to incorporate a reference to Terry’s daring meme.

Rules: Write whatever comes to mind about yourself.

1) I firmly believe that portable basketball stands were created by Satan to drive me out of my mind and tempt me to do violence. I have dreams of taking chainsaws to them-really.

2) I am frequently Cranky. I make a joke out of it and I try really hard to be light-hearted about it but it’s frequently not funny-see the Boulevard of Broken Men and the Frontage Road of Former Friends for proof.

3) I talk before I think and I often think but don’t talk.

4) I love to baffle people and confound their expectations (not a shock to anyone who reads this blog-LOL!)

5) If I were a dyke, I’d marry Salma Hayek in a Catholic Church because if you are going to be so far gone down the path to eternal damnation as to marry someone of the same gender why not make outrageous demands upon others to accommodate your sin?

6) Other than my Faith, I don’t take very much or very many people too seriously. I think we are all full of s—t but some of us have more constipation than others.

7) People are often shocked to realize I profess a Faith at all, much less that I’m a true Catholic. The shock is due to my often poor personal presentation as an Ambassador of Christ. For further proof: reread this meme and much of this blog! "nuff said.


Blogger Terry Nelson said...

This meme offends me. I don't really see you with Selma though - maybe Sharon Stone - I think you need a strong, masculine personlity in your life. I don't know - I might be kind of goofy though.

Laugh Out Loudddddddddddddddddd!

May 27, 2008 10:33 PM  
Blogger Tom in Vegas said...

Boulevard of Broken Men?? Wow. I pledge here and now to always stay on your good side:0)

Selma is a good choice, but I saw her first. LOL!

May 27, 2008 11:29 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Terry: Are you crazy? Don't answer that. Anyway, Sharon is not my type.

Tom: Bravely spoken! Bring Little Critter, I have a soft spot for cute fluffy doggies.

May 28, 2008 6:39 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Actually, it's rather inspiring that you are 'frequently Cranky' and still Faithful. There's nothing more sad than someone bitter who never reaches for Joy.

May 28, 2008 10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cathy, you nut! Impose and demand from others to accomodate your sin! You really DO know how to think like a true dissenter!


May 28, 2008 1:23 PM  
Blogger ignorant redneck said...

Selma Hayak? sheesh--no wonder you were a dissenter! Penelope Cruz, by a wide margin!

Cranky? Boulevard of Broken Men? Frontage Road of Former Friends?
Miss Kathy, you sound like me! (Allowing for Gender difference!)

Dearheart, being cranky isn't the greatest attribute in the world, but maybe you should look at Ss Cammilus de Lellis, and Jerome, they were to cranky what elephant guns are to marksmanship!

Seriously, you help me on my way.

May 28, 2008 7:15 PM  
Blogger X said...

Well, at least Salma's Catholic. (smirk)

May 28, 2008 8:43 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Thanks, Chris!

Redneck: Sorry, Penelope just doesn't do it for me but I respect that she does for you! See how charitable I am? LOL!

Georgette: You aren't kidding. :-)

Angela: I know! Totally! That's one of the reasons I picked her for my spouse! ;-)

May 28, 2008 8:59 PM  

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