March 28, 2007

Any Excuse for Monty Python....

In today's Pioneer Press Letters to the Editor:

[A prior letter writer's] desire for a "universal" Catholic Church [er, what does the word, CATHOLIC, mean again?] where all members agree on all tenets passed by the all-too-human institutional hierarchy may be a comforting pipe dream [how about the will of God?], but the Catholic Church and its members are a diverse group [you're kidding?!]. As Catholics we embrace the doctrines set forth by the Apostles' Creed as absolute [sounds good, but wait....]; but much room is left in our "big tent" of a church that is evolving under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, giving our church its vitality [sounds good? maybe? but wait!].

To infer that everything our hierarchy or our pope [Pope. Capital!] pronounces is infallible on all matters pertaining to the operation of the institutional church [Church. Capital!] is erroneous [Who says that?]. Remember Galileo and his problems with the church? [You know, it's probably been a whopping 2 hours since someone, somewhere, reclaimed Mr. G from the dustbin of history! I hate to see him forgotten.] And what of the sexual abuse by priests of countless children and vulnerable adults? [It's terrible. What of it? What does that have to do with your point? By the way, what is your point?]

May those of us who love our church [Church. Capital!] but are aware of its faults and fallacies continue to seek a closer reflection of what Christ intended [Um, yes, but somehow I don't think she is really looking to grow to what Christ intended, rather what SHE intends].

Signed: [Name ommitted by me but the writer is from Apple Valley: Where I DARE you to find an apple tree!]

I actually EXPECTED the Spanish Inquisition to make the author's list!

[Music]: Duh, du, DUUUUUUH



Blogger Terry Nelson said...

Oh! I'm so pleased they published my letter! Kidding!

Great post!

Terry of Abbey

March 28, 2007 5:03 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Probably the highest compliment that can be paid the Catholic Church is the citing of Galileo's "house arrest" by Church officials in 1633.

There can be no more oft cited event in human history than this as an example of injustice.

What it really tells me is that the accusers know extremely little about the Church, either from a theological or a historical point of view.

And they know less about Galileo.

March 28, 2007 7:58 PM  

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