February 22, 2007

Catholic Spirit on Pope and the Witch Again

This weeks Catholic Spirit has an editorial AND an article decrying the University of Minnesota's plan to stage The Pope and the Witch.

I am quite pleased that the heat is being turned up.

However, I found this upsetting:

"Steven Rosenstone, dean of the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts, which includes the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, said he understands how Catholics might be offended by “The Pope and the Witch.” However, he does not believe the play is anti-Catholic.

“It’s a very satirical and aggressive attack on the institution of the church. There’s no doubt about that,” Rosenstone said. “But, . . . I don’t think it’s an attack on faith.”

Dialogue, not censorship, is the best response, Rosenstone added. “Universities are places where all kinds of views are welcome and there is open discussion of views that some people don’t like.”

The university will host a forum following the March 8 performance, where the public will have an opportunity to express their opinions.

A panel of experts at the forum is not planned to include an official Catholic representative, Rosenstone said, adding that “nobody was selected for the panel on the basis of faith or religion.”

The play ENDS on March 9th. The night before it's all over, they are finally going to have a dicussion forum. To make matters worse, no one on the panel of experts appears to be a practicing Catholic. Nor did the U go out of their way to find one.

Earlier this month, the U had a discussion entitled: What Non-Muslims Should Know About Muslims--And Why". They could find Muslims to talk about their Faith, but no Catholics to defend theirs?

Once again, we hear the old: "it's an attack on the institution, but not the Faith" What the ____is the difference? A non-Catholic thinks it's perfectly acceptable to completely seperate the two. The Anglicans are doing just fine with that approach these days, aren't they?

Furthermore, is that March 8th discussion open to the general public or just ticket buyers?


Blogger Sanctus Belle said...

Steven Rosenstone must be a protestant/other non Catholic. I get that from non-Catholic friends all the time "Religion is man made" blah, blah... We Catholic may be unique in our thinking of our Church/Religion as truly and really being the body of Christ and instituted by God. Oh course, this makes sense when you realize the Catholic Church is the ONLY church founded by Christ on the rock of Peter...But its total crap that to think you can attack a religion/church without attacking that religion's faith.

February 23, 2007 8:36 AM  

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