December 14, 2006

This Blog Does Not Violate the 8th Commandment

Gentle Reader: Today, I received my issue of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis/St. Paul newspaper: The Catholic Spirit. In the issue is an article that I believe unfairly depicts blogs as hotbeds of gossip, misinformation and lies.

I think the real targets are myself and other local bloggers. In particular, Terry Nelson of Abbey-Roads and Leaflet Missal blogs. Terry informed me and a few other local bloggers that he had been contacted by the Catholic Spirit for an interview a while back. From email correspondence with Terry before the article was printed as well as the contents of the final article, I strongly believe he was unfairly represented in the Catholic Spirit story.

Since this is reputedly a story about lying, let's turn it around and be honest shall we?

It is true that there are Catholic bloggers whose blogs primarily focus on negative news and gossip about the Catholic church. These types of blogs are not well thought of by this local blog community and many of our local bloggers, including myself, have sought to be better then they are.

However, I cannot think of ONE local Catholic blogger who spends all of their blog time posting unfounded rumors or scurrilous attacks on the Chancery or the Archbishop.

Most of the unfair, unwarrented and uncharitable "heat" that our Chancery takes is not from local Catholic blogs, its from the non-local Catholic blogs. The local Catholic bloggers are known throughout Catholic blogdom for defending our Archbishop and our Archdiocese against people who don't actually live here or worship here. We constantly point out that a few extreme parishes and some dissident Catholics are not an accurate representation of every Catholic and every Catholic church in this Archdiocese.

Look at me and where I used to be?!? Am I going to sit here and be uncharitable and unkind towards people that 2 years ago could have been me?

Am I occasionally critical of the Chancery and some of its actions or inactions? Yes, absolutely. However, I have the right to question ANYONE or call them on ANYTHING that I see is wrong or a mistake. There is a difference between questioning and attacking. I hope I never veer into attack mode. If I do, I know you, my readers, will call me on it. That's part of what being a Catholic is about is it not? Correcting errors in a charitable way.

I have never actually met Terry in person. Neither of us could pick the other out of a police line-up (not that I hope it comes to that!). However, we have exchanged some private email and I've read his blogs for quite a while now. Terry is on occasion a "post in haste, repent at leisure" blogger. Long-time and sharp-eyed readers of his blogs will notice that some of his posts will mysteriously disappear. Nothing mysterious about it. Terry takes them down without prompting if he decides they are unwarrented or unfair.

PS: I have been unable to post on any blogs that have switched to Beta for 2 days now so if you have missed me in your comment boxes lately(yeah, right, Cathy!) its not that I'm not reading or don't care. I'm still using "classic" blogger not Beta.


Blogger Unknown said...

This Blog Does Not Violate the 8th Commandment

For starters, we need to get Dan Lacey (Faithmouse) to make a logo with that as it's theme).

Great Post, Cathy! I'm going to sleep on mine and I will have something tomorrow that I will send to the Spirit.

They have taken 2 posts out of maybe 1,000 that I am aware of in the last 8 months and want to consign us all to the deepest regions of Hades.

It seems to me that "Rash Judgment" also falls under the dictates of the Eighth Commandment.

Crossing my fingers so that this will get posted, but I also am on Blogger basic.

December 14, 2006 9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trying to post on beta - What?! I post unwarranted and unfair things and take them down? What?!
Oh, yeah I do!
Thanks Cathy for your great post.

December 14, 2006 10:25 PM  
Blogger Adoro said...

I just posed mine and coped you all.

The cool thing is that the CS can't "uneditorialize" us no matter how hard they try...unless they hire hackers.

But that would go against their superior moral code of journalism, wouldn't it?

I basically reminded them that they are held to a higher standard, and we are not going way but will call them out so they will do well, going forward, to take heed to their own words.

I find their accusations and implications of violations against the 8th Commandment to not only be ironic, but clueless.

Oh, and I can't post on other blogs, either. What's up with the beta-thing? Being rolled out blog by blog?????

December 14, 2006 10:33 PM  
Blogger IR said...

I'v noticed--people who do questionable things, resort to half truthes and misrepresentation, go ballistic and cry foul when called on it.

If the Chancery is so sensitive to the bloggers, if the paper is so upset, it's probably because they see their baliwick being threatened, and other points of view besides the one they want being expressed.

One must never point out that orthodox Catholicism may contradict what they wish it said, or required.

So--use the 8th commandment to calumnize people by accusing them of calumny! They have paper, so they must be legit.

December 15, 2006 10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cathy - good post - thank you for that.

I also cannot post on blogs that have switched - and it's driving me BONKERS!!!!

I am glad it is not just me.

December 16, 2006 12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cathy - great post! As I just told Ray, I'm back to blogging after some time away. If you don't mind...give my blog a chance again. Thanks.

December 16, 2006 8:33 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'll grant, Cathy, that you don't violate the 8th Commandment; but what commandment does "sloth" come under. It sure has been a long time since you posted.

And I want to see if I can still communicate.

December 17, 2006 3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your reactions to the Catholic Spirit piece interest me -- would anyone be willing to be interviewed for a story regarding the piece/reaction in the St. Paul Pioneer Press? Please give me a call/e-mail as soon as possible.

Thank you,
John Brewer

December 18, 2006 1:37 PM  

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