September 05, 2006

To Support Priests of Integrity

I was shopping with my cousin over the Labor Day weekend and she said she had to stop at a card shop to get our Grandmother a Grandparents Day card. I groaned, "I suppose I better get one too, or I'm going to look like a terrible Granddaughter."

I know the card companies manipulate us, guilt us, into buying cards for all manner of events. I know, I know, Grandparents Day has been on the calendar for a number of years (another thing I can "blame" Jimmy Carter for) but my historical track record of sending my Grandparents cards on that day has been poor.

I was at the store browsing the racks, remembering at the same time I owed another cousin a wedding card and another person a thank you card. It's like a virus. Go to the doctor's office healthy, come out with a cold.

I'm looking and suddenly I see a section of cards titled: October is Clergy Appreciation Month. JMJ, does it never end?! When did "they" come up with this "bogus" reason for me to spend more money and buy a card?

I bought my parish priest a lovely card and I sent it to him today. No, I did not wait until October. I have a pathological need for uncomformity and sending it now makes me feel rebellious. Anyway, I'm sure the Rectory mailbox is going to be overflowing with cards next month and I don't want Fr. Ryan to neglect seeing that one from Me, Me, Me.

No, I'm being silly (though I did send Father his card today). Sadly, I have a feeling he may not get that many cards in October. He may not get that many cards at all.

Which (mercifully) brings me to my point: Why wait for this western capitalistic celebration to come around every year? What do YOU do to show your parish priests, brothers or sisters that you appreciate what they do for you all year/every year?

I am sadly neglectful in this area. Always have been. I'm ashamed.

My fraternal Grandparents always made a point of inviting the parish priest over to the house for dinner, for family picnics, for coffee. I have photos of Father eating dinner in their living room. It was something they did without thinking.

Frankly, I thank Father in the Confessional and in the Porch after Mass and that's it. He's living in that big Rectory all alone.

How many other priests are in a similar situation? They live in the Rectory alone? Maybe their family is out-of-state, perhaps even outside the U.S?

Did you know that Goal #2 of Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) is: To Support Priests of Integrity? As a former member of VOTF, I can tell you that their definition of supporting priests of integrity is probably different from most of the readers of this blog.

Turn the VOTF goal on its head and support your priests of integrity!


Blogger Unknown said...

Just what I need. A blogger pal who lays a guilt trip on me for not doing what I have never done.

Well, I'm going to put it on my Outlook Schedule for September 30 to beat the October rush.

It is a great idea, Cathy!

September 05, 2006 5:54 PM  
Blogger Adoro said...

Thanks for the reminder! I actually WOULD love to invite our priests for dinner, but as I live alone in some ways I think it woudl be a little weird. But then again, I can invite some other friends and make it more "family-like".

In a conversation with one of our priests the other day he mentioned dinner at my house (within a certain context of our conv.). I made me think...and I do think that if I invited him, he really would come if it fit he schedule.

Our priests are very busy and I know they recieve many invitations, but it's not like that for priests everywhere. My heart goes out to those who do not get the invites, who are not embraced by their community.

I appreciate your reminder and I will look for those cards! I have two very honored priests to whom I owe a great thank you! (There are many, actually).

And before I forget...will you post about your VOTF membership, how you got there, what happened, what they are really about...etc?

God bless!

September 05, 2006 6:29 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: Don't make me responsible for your "Catholic Guilt"! :-)

Adoro: I'm with you. I live alone too and I think in the interest of propriety it would probably be wise to include some other folks in an invite to my priest.

September 06, 2006 8:30 AM  

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