August 29, 2006

What Have You Done for Them Lately?

Today is the one year anniversary of the devastation of the Gulf Coast of the U.S. by Hurricane Katrina.

One year later, thousands of people are still living in FEMA trailers that were intended to be used for only a few months. Thousands will never return to their homes. Thousands can not buy homeowners insurance. Thousands of homes are still unliveable. Entire neighborhoods may never be rebuilt.

The displacement of people after Hurricane Katrina is one of the largest displacements of Americans in our Nations history. FEMA estimates 270,000 people were displaced by the hurricane.

Like many Americans, immediately after the disaster, I wrote a check and I prayed.

Then, I forgot about it. Sure, there was the occasional "special" on the Weather or Discovery Channels to remind me. But, it seemed like it happened so long ago. I had already long since moved on to the "next big story"

If you can help, make today the day you write a check, sign up to volunteer, donate food to a foodshelf, pray, have a Mass said. Do something. There are still a lot of our brothers and sisters on the south end of the mighty Mississippi in need.

I wrote a check to Catholic Charities and I dedicated my regular Tuesday morning Adoration hour to the survivors and the deceased of Hurricane Katrina.

What will you do?


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