March 30, 2016

Wanted: Bathroom Remodelers!

So, I was thinking (I know) all this talk and legislation around allowing women to use men's bathrooms and men to use women's bathrooms and questioning to use whatever bathroom they want, because some one may be transgender or just confused or just plain horny is a perfect time for our friends in the bathroom remodeling business to start preparing those bid responses, project plans, ads and designs! Just think of all the new work generated! Sure, there will be those cheapskates that will just replace the sign with a ? or "Toilet" but in Minnesota (Land of Accommodation for any group with a census of under 1 per 1,000,000)you can bet there will be plenty of business owners and school boards (read: Education Minnesota) that will push for all bathrooms to look the same. I am looking forward to seeing as many nasty urinals as possible in the next year or two! Who knows who you might run in to! No need to send your man to the store for tampons, he can just buy them out of the bathroom dispenser for you! Just when you thought the school locker room and showers were not humiliating enough, now our children and heirs will surpass us in wanting to hide in the nurses office during the gym period. Good times...good times...

March 29, 2016

Father Vincent Colon Rest in Peace

In early March I was saddened to hear that Father Vincent Colon had passed away on February 28, 2016. Please, in your charity, pray for the repose of his soul and that he may be able to enjoy the Beautific Vision. In 2007, I blogged about finding his Ordination Card in a St. Andrew Missal that Ray from MN gifted me when I was Confirmed. In a fine show of hilarity, Fr. B Pedersen informed me that Fr. Colon was at my Confirmation Mass! Doh! I, then, remembered seeing Father Colon and even speaking to him at the reception afterwards. Father Colon came up to me and greeted me and congratulated me. My prior post is here here Read the comments as some of his family commented on it this year. Ray from MN produced Father's address. He was, then, residing in a retirement home for priests. What I didn't say later on the blog is that Father and I had a brief mailed written correspondence. I also didn't tell you that I mailed his ordination card to him, as I thought it should be something he should have. I didn't tell you that he mailed the card back to me and wrote on it; "Keep and Pray for Me" I kept it and have the card to this day. What is even more passing strange as I had been thinking about him in early March which would have been after he died. I did not know he died until I read about it in the "Catholic Spirit". I had a moment of sadness and am tearing up composing this post. I don't feel like I "knew" Father Colon. Do any of feel like we really "know" a priest? Does a man become a priest to be "known"? I don't think a true man with an honest calling to serve expects or wants to be known. I think a priest, like many called to serve, is content with making a small difference in someones lives.If that was true of Father Colon, if he truly only wanted to love and to serve the Lord and to lead others to Him and make a difference in someone's life, I can tell you that he made a difference in mine and, in a brief moment in time, he touched my heart. Thank you, Father Colon, and may His Angels carry you forward to His Glory.

March 28, 2016

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