July 29, 2011

Postcard from The Edge

Thought: What if the people you know were raptured? Dear God what if they came back? Take my boss please! lol

I confess. I've been spraying Round Up on Terry's hedge (neighbor side).They paid me and I needed the extra cash! There. Now it's out there. Speaking of Terry, the series on "Effective and Meaningful Employee/Employer Relations" that he and I were going to start completely bombed out due a lack of cohesion on the direction we thought such a series should take. Terry felt effective workplace relations meant assuring everyone it was all ok and everyone is beautiful in their own way and hold hands as a team all day. I wanted to kick everyone in the a-- and tell them I could love them if they'd actually DO. Something as I smoked a cigarette and carried my desk drawer bottle of Jack openly in my hands. Ah well, if this country can still run with the differences in Congress..wait, uh, ok, nevermind.

Anyway, everyone better comment on MY blog and not Adoro's! Anything going on in blogdom this summer? Will the last person to leave blogspot for Google+ please turn off the server?

See ya next month!
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