February 28, 2011


I wonder what would happen if I called the Chancery to complain "I can't get this parish to practice liturgical abuses!"

Seriously, would they:
a) laugh
b) say: "Quit calling us Michael!"
c) say: "Hang in there, we've got a Spirit of VII pastor, that no else wants, that we can send you in a few months!"

This is Terry and Me's First Booze Cruise!

For your consideration, as the blog awards season is upon us, when you get to the minor award categories, think of me and Terry for the following:

"Blogger Most Likely to Be Hungover on Ash Wednesday"

Thanks and God bless you!

Tell Me Somethin' Good....

A post by Chaka

Gentle Reader: Still here! I’ve been fighting, not too successfully, a sinus infection that developed after my cold/flu a few weeks ago. I spent 2 hours waiting on Saturday at “urgent” care, saw the doctor for 10 minutes and left with a script for a double-powered antiobiotic. Good times…good times….

So, what’s new?

Did anyone notice that Britain now allows gay “couples” to marry in houses of worship? Supposedly, houses of worship are allowed to “opt out”. I should start a pool and give money to the person who can most closely guess the date that a Catholic Church in the UK will be forced by the Courts to allow a gay “marriage” inside the Church.

Did anyone notice how the CPD (Chicago Police Department) sat on their hands and allowed gay rights protestors to disrupt a Mass at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago? Where are all the Catholic cops? Where are all the Catholics? Welcome to the Emanuel (wherein God will not be with us) years, y’all!

Did anyone notice that Obama has now decided that he is also the world, he is also the Constitution? Apparently, the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was making him feel like taking a smoke break so he decided to rule that law of the land should be ignored. No word on if he went and grabbed a quick puff behind the Rose Garden bushes anyway.

Did anyone notice that Archbishop Nienstedt continues to be a thorn in the local liberals side by refusing to die or get caught proclaiming something contrary to Church teaching! Yes, you read it here first!

Did anyone catch Father Phleger, uh, I mean, Father Tegeder’s latest “Hey look at me! Hey, notice how I can thumb my nose and open my mouth at the same time!” schtick?

Did anyone notice how Dr. Edward Peters is now being attacked for, I don’t know, gosh, actually interpreting Canon Law. Do you know that he is a Canon Lawyer? You know, like, he does that for a living?

Did anyone notice how overnight the gay rights movement switched tactics to “oh, poor me”? “We are so wronged and misunderstood”.

I’m a Roman Catholic and I feel wronged and misunderstood. What part of Church teachings do the “conscientious objectors” fail to understand? Reject part of it, is to reject all of it. Must Christ divide Himself on the Cross to appease everyone?

February 20, 2011


Today is Septuagesima Sunday in the Traditional Calendar-meaning, it is now 9 weeks before Easter Sunday. This kicks off the season that is a prelude to Lent. It’s a preparation for Lent. Are you ready? There is no better time to start reflecting upon your plan to deepen your Lenten experience and make it more spiritually meaningful. Don’t spend another Lent acting like it’s just any other time of the year. Make it meaningful. Have a plan.

Yesterday, I went to a local museum and enjoyed the art. But, as always, I’m sad to see so much of our Catholic history sitting in a museum as opposed to the Churches and Monasteries they originally resided in.Altarpieces removed and cut up, panels and triptychs separated, statues sitting on pedastals never again to be used as reminders to pray.

Our times of preparation before Easter are also almost museum pieces. Most Catholics don’t even know what Septuagesima is; much less fasting and abstinance requirements during Lent. Educate yourself. Don’t let your soul end up in a museum along with our heritage.

February 16, 2011

Mulieris Soontobe Extinctus

Deep Curtsy to Angela Messenger. I stole the post title from her latest recap of the local parish meeting wherein the "double-knit dinosaurs" try to launch a takeover-or maybe just further perpetuate their mistakes? In any event, you should read Angela's post. If you don't know Angela, she's a long-time blogger and online Catholic-going WAY back to Father Z's Compuserve boards. She's also one of the kindest Catholics online and I think one of like 3 blogging Canadian Catholics that aren't prog wackos.

In any event, Angela's post got me thinking (yeah, I know what are the odds?). In the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, some "listening sessions" and "guides to" and "introductions to" (Hey, New Missal, I'm SO happy to meet you!) the Revised Missal are starting to pop up. The Revised Missal will be, allegedly, (I know this town) used at all Masses starting the First Sunday of Advent in 2011. Me, in my scepticism, am taking bets on how many local parishes will just continue to do whatever the heck they want. But, you can best believe those same parishes will have a "listening session".

Be careful and keep a discerning ear open when you attend these sessions. If the point of the session is to talk about ways to subvert and get around the New Missal, get up and yell "to hell with you" and walk out! Ok, don't do that, (but, if you do send me the video!) but I'd think about seriously informing the Chancery of your concern. In writing and with charity. I was at _____ here__given by _____ and the people leading it were saying things that concerned me (give specific examples). If the people in the audience are the ones saying things that concern you, that's not the same thing as the people leading it (unless people leading it are going along with what the wackos are saying).

Futhermore, if the point of the session is some kind of gripe or listening session wherein it seems the group is under the impression that the Revised Missal is now under review for a public vote and comment period for lay people, uh-WRONG! The Revised Missal is done. It is what it is. I've said it before and I'll say it again-the Catholic Church is NOT a democracy. We, the lay people, need to trust that our Bishops approved and implemented what is right. I know there are some folks who have reservations about parts of the translation. They are free to think that, but it's done. It is what it is. No public comment period. No vote. Learn it. Use it. Get used to it.

Even more self-deceived are the sessions (trust me, they will happen) where a recorder will submit the comments received by the laity to the Chancery or to the Vatican in the vain hope that the Supreme Pontiff is going to consult the runes, waive a rain stick, and pronounce that your individual changes will now be implemented and thus it will not even be "We are Church" it will "I am Church" as we all go to our own side altars and celebrate our own mass.

I learn more and more every day why Archbishop Nienstedt chose his motto as "That They All May Be One" A lofty goal when you have an Archdiocese with a sizeable population whose motto is: "that they all may do as I want"

February 15, 2011

Circle of Friends

There is a lot of ink spilled, trees felled, minutes used, voices exhausted, about gay Catholics. Yes, gay Catholics exist. They walk among us. They are probably worshipping right next to you.

Unlike some I don’t freak out about it. So what? Who cares?

I don’t care anymore about the state of a gay Catholics soul than I care about anyone else. They are not, in my opinion (and I know this puts me in a minority) any more or less capable than being morally or mortally sinful than anyone else.

Gay Catholics are not, nor should they be, some kind of protected subclass of sinners.

We are all surrounded by sin and temptation.

I’m a firm believer that who you surround yourself with, who you are friends with, who you hang out with impacts your behavior. It’s tough to be a saint when you deliberately surround yourself with sinners.

If you are person who struggles with same sex attraction and you only associate with people who think it’s desirable to sleep with as many people as possible then I defy anyone to remain celibate in that kind of environment. The same environment may hold for those who do not suffer from same sex attraction. If you associate with your hetero buddies who all sit around and talk about what forms of birth control are best to avoid pregnancy and what kind of action you are likely to get when you go out to the club every weekend, you may have challenges remaining true to your state in life in that kind of environment. Who wants to look “uncool” and “out of touch” around your buddies?

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe that homosexual persons are predisposed to be any more licentious than any one else. Again, I believe it’s who and what you surround yourself with that impacts your behavior.

The Truth is that, outside of the married state (which is currently defined as one man one woman-and if you are waiting for the Catholic Church to define it as anything other than that you’ll be waiting for Hell to cease to exist) sexual relations are mortally sinful. Period. If you’ve engaged in that activity, gay or straight, blue state, red state, you need to repent, Confess your sin, resolve to never do it again and receive Absolution. The Sacrament of Confession is for everyone, but not everyone will receive it. Hmmm..pro multis anyone?

February 14, 2011

The Twilight Zone

Last week a new app was released that is intended to guide Catholics to Confession. I'm actually upset that along with the checklist and guidence it doesn't include foursquare directions to the nearest Church with a MassTimes link to Confession times. Priest hotline or text numbers may have been nice too. Text "Priest" HELP! Because the liberal papers would have us all believe priests don't do anything but molest our kids and eat so they've got plenty of time to drop everything and come running and save us all from final damnation. Amen.

The other day I posted in rage. I was really angry about a local paper making insinuations about a priest I know, like and admire greatly. This particular priest has always been very kind and gracious to me and I know many in the Archdiocese share my high opinion of him.

Speaking of priests I like and admire, I want to give a public shout-out to Fr. Andrew. I've never actually met Father in person but I've friended him online and he is one of the greatest spiritual directors I know. Why? Because without droning on and on or quoting reams of Aquinas or Augustine he only ever has to say a few words and I correct myself. He's great at reminding me to pray in times of upset. He's a terrific advocate of the DMC-Divine Mercy Chaplet. Hey, Cathy, pray that DM! Father reminded me to pray for the soul of a young man who committed suicide. In my rage, I forgot about the second victim and was ashamed.

Thru the tools of our modern era we can all become better Catholics and better people. To be a true Catholic IS to be a better person. Via online media I've "met" many strong Catholic priests and lay people. These friendships have definitely helped me.

Speaking of Confession. I'm a strong advocate and user of the Sacrament. I go at least once/month as part of my First Friday Devotion. The longest I can go is one month but typically I may also go several times/week or every other week. My schedule of Confession is based upon my Examination of Conscience-the new app appears it can help guide a Catholic who may not have done an Examination of their Conscience for a while thru the effort.

I don't want anyone to think I'm a Saint because I go to Confession-or that I any bigger of a sinner than anyone else because I go to Confession. I go because I accept and believe in the Sacrament. I accept and believe that I need to be properly disposed before receiving the Lord in the Eucharist. I go to Confession because I accept and believe that the consecrated Bread and Wine become the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Because I accept and believe that Mass is mandatory and an important part of my life, I don't want to risk damnation by receiving the Lord in an unworthy manner. Do you follow any of what I just said? As night follows day, once you accept the Mass is important and the consecrated elements ARE Jesus, why would you put Jesus in a garbage dump of a soul trashed and stinking with sin?

People frequently ask me: Cathy, what is your reversion story? There are many signposts in the long journey but I will tell you with certainty that once I finally learned and accepted that during the consecration of the Mass the Bread and Wine actually BECOME Jesus, everything else fell into place for me. I'm not kidding. It wasn't easy but I'm not kidding. The Real Presence. Period.

For over 3 decades of my life, I went to Confession exactly twice-my First Confession and a second time because my Mom made me go. I was taught, and I believed it, that the Second Vatican Council "did away" with the need to go to Confession. Apparently, Vatican II removed all sin from the world in a way that not even the Son of God could manage-gee!

Going to Confession is nothing to be scared of. Facing your sins can be scary but actually stepping into the box should be the easiest thing to do. Honestly, it never has bothered me that someone else, a stranger, listens to my sins recited. It bothers me and scares me more to have to admit them to myself. God already knows. Jesus already knows. He knows before you even show up at the Church.

To do an Examination of Conscience in the appropriate way also means, if you have a problem with authority, accepting that a list of sins that "someone else" put together may be a reflection of disapproval against something you've done. I think in this day and age of relativism and morality being defined by a majority vote it's harder for many to read the Ten Commandments and accept they truly violated one of them then it is to go to Confession.

Stepping into the Confession is like entering another dimension-you are stepping outside of yourself. You are getting past yourself. Even opening the door and parting the curtain is radical and countercultural. It's a statement that says you are subverting the dominant paradigm.

There have been times I thought the priest was phoning it in from the Twilight Zone which is why I'm selective about the priests I will see for Confession. I recite my sins and I think "Hello, is there anybody in there?" as the priest comes back with something that seems to indicate he was not listening or he's bored by it all or just plain not engaged.

The age of the priest and the amount of years he's been in service don't matter. Is he only there to prove to the Archbishop he's scheduled some times like he should? I've found, in this Archdiocese, that priests that were trained, educated or influenced by a solid priest (who may or may not still be around) are the best Confessors.

But, my editorial comments about my favorite priests aside, whatever and whoever the faults of the man on the other side of the curtain may be, when you hear the words of Absolution, that's it. You are whole again.

Why delay? Look for Confession today!

February 12, 2011


Ok, I'm a week late on commenting. Like Terry, I've taken to not commenting on blogs because why give away my best stuff for free?!

Really, that's not it at all, I'm not commenting on anyone's blogs these days because I just don't have time to read any of them. I don't want anyone to be offended or take it personally! I'm an equal opportunity offender!

But,in this day of Catholic Blog Voting people are so touchy. I was going to post a video of me dancing a Bolero to spike my stats and further convince Tom in Vegas that even the very wise can be complete fools!

So, anyway, what's the point?


Several days ago, over at a well known priest's blog, I voted that women veil in church but it should be OPTIONAL-not mandatory. I know. Shocking that an uber-Catholic chick that does veil at Mass and owns about 12 veils in different colors and styles should say that! I should be pushing every woman to veil as I do, right?

No. See I'm all about CHOICE over here at "Recovering Dissident". I support a woman's right to choose, like I support a baby's right to live! Huh?

I finished the bottle of gin LarryD gave me!

Friends, I have bigger battles to fight at Mass than worrying about women veiling. I'm trying to get people to dress for Mass like it really means something! I'm trying to get people to dress up! I'm trying to get people to get dressed! I don't care if a woman is Lector and wears a veil to read the Scriptures to the Faithful. I care if she's got 5 miles of cleavage and a skirt up to Venus. Have you seen how people dress to approach the altar of the Lord? I've seen guys read who look like they are running out to go fishing right after Communion. Hello! Let's get some perspective here people!

Here endeth the post.


Gentle Reader: You are not dreaming. I took a post down.

February 06, 2011

Keep the Joy, Leave the Suffering

Gentle Reader:

I live!!!! It's been a tough month. I had a huge project at work that involved long hours of cranky stress. No, I did not kill anyone that I work with and, no, I did not grab a Blue Moon, deploy a chute, yell some choice words and quit!

Then, this week, a cold descended. I'm calling in the Revenge of St. Blase since I neglected to get my throat blessed this year, first time in 3 years!, and here comes the illness. Feeling somewhat better today thought my singing voice will take a while to recover! As I generally sing like a nasal, scratchy, baritone, my vocal skills will not be missed by many.On the contrary, let us now give thanks that I am unable to vocalize at all. Praise Jesus!

I did not just check out of rehab. Terry, you know they never let you out on Friday! Doh! Just before the big party evening, are you kidding? Just ask LarryD!

The other day it finally dawned on me that, despite consecrating each day to the Sacred Heart of Jesus thru the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I'm happier when there is more joy to offer to Jesus than suffering. Lord, here's my joy, you can keep my suffering. Really, please, can you just keep it all to your self?

Sounds terrible and selfish doesn't it? Yet, it's true. How many of us, including me, are happy watching the Lord suffer for us but unhappy when we are suffering for the Lord?

Can we call this love? Is true love a one way street? Would you suffer, willingly, for someone you really love? You should. I should. But, how many of us do? I know I don't.
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