January 22, 2011

True Horror

This week exposed, as the AP called it, "The House of Horrors" of the Philadelphia abortuary of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

I read the story and thought, really, isn't EVERY abortuary a house of horror? Gosnell was caught and publicly. Those of us in the pro-life movement know that what went on in his clinic was not all that unusual.

I take solace in that maybe now Dr. Gosnell will be stopped and maybe a few more people will wake up to the true horror that is abortion.

Today, is a Day of Penance. We can never make enough reparation for the millions of souls snuffed out in the misapplication of the word "choice"

January 17, 2011

Forgot about Bill Nighy!

Anyway, my latest post at Our Word and Welcome to It! is about the "character actors" among us. I think I forgot about Ray!

January 15, 2011

Worst Blog That Should Never Be Updated

I'm still here! Isn't that a showtune? Anyway, I'm sorry, all 5 of my regular readers, that I've been scarce but I'm working 12-14 hours/day on a big project at work. I decided NOT to work this weekend-yeah! So, here I am. To my haters, yes, I'm still alive-lol

So, it's blog award season. The inevitable dramas, tears, threats, coercions, supposedly subtle reminders, and bribery will come soon. Note to LarryD: Bombay Sapphire Gin this year, ok, hon, thanks!

I want to state that I think Swissmiss' blatant effort at capturing "Best Blog That Should Be Updated More Often" at Crescat's Awards again this year is shameless and shocking. I know Swissy's still online (over at Plurk and Facebook) so deliberately not updating her blog since September is nothing less than outrageous.

Is the Epiphany over yet? I'm so confused by the dual calenders but that's ok since I usually barely know what time it is anyway. I was even late for Adoration the other day. I was working away and, oh crap, the Lord is waiting for me-gotta go! I think the Lord is usually waiting for me which is an occasion of sadness for me. Actually, I'm not sure He's always waiting for me so much as wondering where I am.

Speaking of the Epiphany. Did you know that is the only time in history that three guys took a road trip together and:

a) did not bring a case of beer
b) did not stop for directions and still managed to find the place they were going

It is for the two documented reasons above that the three guys are called the "Three Wise Men". They were given this title by the Evangelists who were all men and never wasted a moment to make men look good! This feminist exegesis moment has been brought to you by the Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR).

I was writing with my buddy, Bede, recently and Bede thinks 2011 would be as fine a time as any to attend her first ever Latin Mass. I put my dunce hat on and recommended she ease into it by first attending an English Novus Ordo ad orientem as that liturgical east (facing away from the people, yeah, yeah) posture can be disconcerting at first. Bede reminded me that the modern experience of "church in the round" means Father may be facing away from you anyway if you get their late and sit on the "wrong side"

Further evidence that I learn more from our converted brothers and sisters than anyone could ever learn from a revert like me.

I carried it a step further, in my mind, by recollecting that if a liturgical dancer's banner or smoke pot is blocking your view of the altar and Father anyway why in the world are people so threatened and scared by ad orientem?

So, that's all for now, kitties! Remember to vote for me in the "Blogger Who Is Most Likely Intoxicated" category! Love ya!

January 03, 2011


A frequent complaint about Catholic Churches is that they are not welcoming. I know there are people who are attracted to faith communities that seem more welcoming. Sometimes, Catholics leave the Church after being enticed by these more welcoming communities.

I used to be one. I know I was attracted to an Evangelical Church at one point in my life by my perception that they seemed friendlier and more welcoming than I was accustomed to. You could spend hours, all day, at the Evangelical church being social with your new friend. At the Catholic church, no one seemed to care if I came or left.

I realized I was vulnerable to these welcoming communities, not only because I craved social acceptance, but also because I was so poorly catechized that I had no idea what I was walking away from when I left the Catholic Church. I had no conception of the Real Presence.I didn’t understand what the Mass is.

I was deceived into thinking that the social aspects and the welcoming was what church should be. I had no thought or idea that church is and really should be about the Lord. To me, the Church should be the community, the social networks, the guys I could date, the parties.Oh, yeah, and we read Scripture together.

I was dissatisfied though. Something bothered me.

Eventually, I came back to the Church. However, when I came back to the Church I came back thru a Community that seemed extremely welcoming. It was but I was dissatisified-especially, as I learned more about the Faith. Things seemed wrong. I realized that welcoming was not all. The Eucharist is All. The Lord is All. Eucharist should not be secondary to the hearty “Hello” or “Welcome” you get from someone at the front door.

Speaking of welcome, anyone can feel welcome anywhere. It takes two. The Lord needs an open heart to enter and our relationship with the Lord is a two way street.In order to be effective it can’t be all Him or all me.

January 01, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Gentle Reader: Blessed Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to All!

I stink at New Year's resolutions. Most of the time, I don't bother. The few times I do bother I usually fail at enacting them. For a resolution to be truly sucessful requires: planning and fortitude-2 areas I lack when it comes to me personally. I can plan a project and see it thru, I can plan a trip, I can plan a dinner party, but making some kind of plan for my life is difficult for me.

I just stopped myself. As a Christian, the one plan for my life had better be "I plan to get to Heaven". The alternative is not pleasant.

However, even to reach that, truly, lofty goal, I better have a plan. I better have resolve and fortitude or I will not make it.

The typical New Year's resolutions: I resolve to lose weight, I resolve to be nice to my brother, I resolve to budget better are lame compared to what is at stake to reach the Christian goal. Now, obviously, if obsession with food, hatred of your brother and money have crossed a line into occasions of sin for you then those are solid resolutions. However, in my experience, most people I know don't think of a New Year's resolution as something that could bring us closer to God; they are usually opportunities for selfish personal improvement and popularity.

The best New Year's resolution is all of the above: popularity, personal improvement and bringing you closer to God.

I have discovered that popularity does not always bring one closer to God. Who are my friends? Who do I associate with? I'm not as popular, since my reversion, in certain circles. I've lost friends. I'm not "cool" anymore.

I had an invitation this weekend to go with a friend for a weekend in northwestern Minnesota. I knew as soon as she asked me what this would mean: eating, drinking, smoking, gluttony, overindulgence, selfishiness, profanity. I knew I wouldn't go to Mass. I knew I'd probably be drunk and stoned all weekend. I knew I'd deny Him. These are not good behaviors. They are sinful.

Still, I was tempted. I'm starting to think I'm boring and too domestic and just plain dull. I thought seriously about going. I enjoy a drink and a party, in moderation, as well as anyone else. However, for me, uh, moderation in anything is not my strong suit. I'm very over the top. When I indulge it's over. When I laugh it's too loud. When I sin I sin big time.

I shocked even myself and said "No". Not only did I say no, for one of the few times in my life, I actually evangelized and said "I need to go to Mass twice this weekend. Thanks, but no thanks" Who said that? I don't even think it was me.

I hope I'm not sounding smug because I don't feel smug. I know full well that this was an isolated instance. I can not be complacent. I know for every one time I stand up and do the right thing, there are 20 other instances where I fall on my face-spectacularly.

I think one day the Father is going to quit looking for the Prodigal Son and say when he shows up again "Sleep in the barn this time and be out by morning!" I can only hope and pray that the Lord will truly forgive an endless amount or I'm in deep trouble.

There is not just one day or just one time. Isn't every day a New Year? You can put on the new man any time.

My resolution, for this day, this new year, is to quit being a damned fool.
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