October 15, 2010

Prayer Request

For Terry


Blogger Adrienne said...

I feel so bad for Terry. Losing family is so hard...

October 16, 2010 11:40 AM  
Blogger Terry Nelson said...

OMGosh! Thanks Cathy! Thanks Adrienne. This just shocked me - I am so surprised how sad I am.

October 16, 2010 1:07 PM  
Blogger belinda said...

I'm so very sorry Mr.Terry.
I am sad for you.

You did a wonderful thing by taking in an animal and caring for it and giving it a good home. She was blessed to be your cat. I remember you writing once that she even said the Rosary with you. You cant get more devoted and loyal than that.

I tried not to love my cats. I tried really hard but it happened anyway.

October 16, 2010 7:43 PM  

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