September 18, 2010

Things that Make You Go Hmmm.....

Anyone else notice the grip the Archbishop of Canterbuy has on the Holy Father's bicep? Is this a difference between the Catholic "Sign of Peace" embrace that priests give to each other before the altar in the EF versus some Anglican death grip? I don't know. I thought it was funny.

I decided a caption of some sort was in order. Feel free to leave yours in the combox. All are stated by Dr. Williams unless noted.

"Hey, do you work out?"
"I can't breathe" (gasps the Holy Father)
"Let's go out for Indian after this!"
"Are you leaving soon?"
"What IS this fabric? Lovely, I need some!"
"Take me with you!"
"What do I need to do to inherit eternal life?"


Blogger MBrandon said...

I gotta a cooler hat then you got!!

Ya Know. You really ought to ditch the red. It does nothing for your complexion.

I thought you would be taller.

One reason I stay with the C of E is that we have much cooler threads than you Catholics.

If you need to use the loo, it is over behind the banner.

And on and on.

September 18, 2010 7:40 PM  
Blogger Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

We really love this cathedral you Catholics built for us, but no, we won't give it back!!

September 18, 2010 8:14 PM  
Blogger Terry Nelson said...

"Whisker rub!"

"Moose lick!"

September 18, 2010 8:31 PM  
Blogger nazareth priest said...

The "hairy guy" creeps the hell outta me..(uhm, does he have a wife?; if not, does not anyone give him some hygiene tips on trimming the eyebrows, the beard, and getting a really 'fab' haircut?:<)!
you have a point...
just observe Pope Benedict give the "Roman embrace" at the sign of peace sometime at a papal Mass...
it's (I was taught and he observes),
grab the elbows, go to the right...don't touch now...`very elegant and subdued;
not a bear hug; and definitely not a "bicep grab"!!
Who the hell gave the ArchCant instructions here???:<P!

September 19, 2010 5:11 PM  
Blogger LarryD said...

"No, you can't have the Abbey back!"

September 21, 2010 11:34 AM  

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