August 30, 2010

No Mosque

I'm not in favor of the mosque at Ground Zero in New York City. Today, I was reading an article that said Catholics should favor the mosque because we faced that same kind of discrimination in the early days of this Nation. I thought that was lame justification as I believe that Catholics face discrimination now; but, it's often subtle. You don't see signs that say "Catholics and Irish need not apply" anymore but if there were still signs like that today they'd say "Practicing Catholics need not apply" If you reveal in the work place that you believe sexual relationship between people of the same gender and unmarried couples is sinful just wait and see how much flak you get.

In any case I don't think my opposition to the mosque at Ground Zero stems from some hatred of Islam. I do love Christianity and believe it is THE authentic faith, with more truth than Islam, Judaism, Hindusim etc. etc. and I don't make any apologies for that belief. I'm sure practitioners of other faiths believe their faith contains the fullness of the truth. People have the right, in the U.S., to practice their faith, or lack thereof, in whatever tradition they believe.

By opposing the mosque at Ground Zero I'm not saying Muslims are not welcome in the United States and should not have mosques or be able to practice their faith openly. However, putting a mosque at Ground Zero at the sight of towers that were destroyed by radical practioners of Islam is like saying it's ok for the Aryan Nation to build a convention center and hotel at Auschwitz. Not all practioners of Islam are radical terrorists, like those who destroyed the Twin Towers, but it's just a bad idea to allow it.

If we did allow the mosque to be built, am I the only one who thinks there are radical Muslims who will rejoice because they "won" in replacing a capitalist tower of the West with a symbol of their faith? Put a mosque somewhere else in NYC. Official have even offered to help them find another site-take them up on the offer.

August 28, 2010

Terry-Dance Freak!

A secret video clip of Terry getting the party started. Look for Ray and Adoro running to join in!

August 22, 2010

Stop Me Mother

Yesterday, well this whole week, I’ve been sick at heart. Eventually, the illness manifested itself physically. Friday and Saturday I had a intermittant migraine and I felt sick to my stomach. I’ve been an emotional wreck. Not a total disaster but hanging on-tenuously.

Yesterday, I almost did something that I’d probably regret forever. I was tempted to lash out at someone I love very much over some stupid thing. I tried to justify my thoughts as excuses for a tough week. I knew what I was doing was going to be terrible if I did it. I knew that no one can hurt worse than someone you love.

Thanks Be To God I stopped myself. I prayed to Our Lady “Mother, help me to do right. Help me to have patience. Help me find inner peace” I still had a headache and I still felt ill but I restrained myself. I was able to talk about my issues rationally without destroying a relationship that means a lot to me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m standing outside myself. I see myself ranting, muttering, getting angry and I know what I’m doing is wrong but I can’t stop until I take a moment to reflect, pray and calm down. Sometimes, that ‘moment’ is too late and I’ve done serious damage to myself and others.

I don’t know what the lesson is but I find myself praying to my mother for strength. I was missing my mother this week so I’ve decided to go to Our Mother for advice and help-the same advice and help I’d ask my Mom for if she were still here.

August 19, 2010

Selection & Acquisition

In library science there are two schools of thought when selecting and acquiring materials:

1) Give the people what they want
2) Give the people what you think they should want

School #1 will buy the most popular circulating author’s materials i.e. J.K. Rawling and as many copies as the demand for needs.

School #2 may condescend to buy a few copies of Rawling but will also use some of the budget to purchase several copies of Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past” because more people should read Proust.

One librarian is letting demand dictate the purchase, the other is letting their opinion dictate the purchases.

In all honesty, most librarians who acquire materials are a little bit of both schools.

Now you know all the secrets of librarianship! :-)

When I was studying Theology at a Catholic college, someone selected the materials of study for us; usually the Professor teaching the course.

The college was a 4-year liberal arts program and it constantly stated that it wanted to provide its students with a wide range of options in order to form a well-rounded opinion.

It was years later that I realized that many of the documents selected for course material were anti-Catholic and distorting materials. Writings faithful to the Magisterium were rare and when we did have them we were encourage to read selections out of context that were misinterpreted. For example; we read the Catechism paragraph on “primary of conscience” but not the following paragraph which essentially states that “primacy of conscience” does not mean disregard: Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium.

When I realized that, there is no other way to say it, knowledge was witheld from me in order to fulfill someone else’s agenda, I was outraged. I'm still outraged.

There are people that will say that what happened it ok. It’s part of liberal arts education. Tell me; what kind of education is it that pretends to teach Roman Catholic Theology but minimizes and ignores the core material? How is that approach well-rounded?

August 17, 2010

What Kind of Beer?

Ok, anyone know what kind of beer Steven Slater grabbed before he vacated the plane and his job? If he grabbed some cheap crappy brew like Budweiser he should've been fired.

Go Big or Go Home! Leave with Class! These are the mottos I live by!

Ok, Terry quit laughing!

I feel like singing.

"I cheated myself like I knew I would
I told you, I was trouble
You know that I'm no good..."


Because that photo cracks me up..

Oh, yeah, check out my latest guest post on Our Word and Welcome to It!

Also, my other blogs Amentior and Stella Borealis. Ray holds court at Stella but periodically he shares! lol

August 15, 2010


Today is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. It is a Holy Day of Obligation. Today is Sunday which is also ALWAYS a Holy Day of Obligation.

Both mean: GO TO MASS TODAY!!!!!

If you rarely, if ever, pray the Rosary, today would be a great day to do so.

August 13, 2010

Send Love to Auntie!

Stop over and tell "Auntie" Adrienne you love her!

August 08, 2010

Is It Me?

Gentle Reader: You know I’ve been having challenges the last few weeks. I’m, frequently, angry and unsettled. Satan has found a worthy stronghold in my manner lately.

When I’m angry I’m usually reacting to someone or something that has irritated me or “ticked me off”

I had a major blow-up with my neighbors yesterday. I was upset with my Dad yesterday evening. I’ve been frustrated with some my co-workers all week.

My friend, Terry, sent me some notes this week wherein he shared his wisdom. I, usually, publicly bust Terry’s chops because, yes, he is a joker. However, that’s his disguise. He’s really a wise man.

Terry and I have some things in common-usually having to do with our reactive tempers. Terry thinks some of his reactions are internal; not external. The problem could be him.

It made me think. Yes, in some instances I am reacting to people that would test the love of Jesus and are not well liked or respected by too many people. Does that always justify my behavior?

When I react negatively could it be that sometimes they are innocent or not as guilty as I believe they are but that I’m reacting to the emotional baggage in my life?

With my neighbors, was parking and ¼ blocking my driveway an honest mistake but I reacted harshly because there have been instances they’ve directly attacked me? Am I remembering the times in my life I was isolated and picked off by gangs of people who hate me?

With my Dad, I was upset that, as a elected official, he does not always have time to talk to me. I was a wreck and could’ve used his help and he had to hang up and go talk to a visiting Christian teenager who is heading home after a summer of helping with projects on the Rez. Wasn’t it like this my whole life? My Dad, the workaholic, the favorite neighbor, the guy who is there for everyone but not always his family. I was ashamed and started to cry as I pondered how to hurt my Dad, how to retaliate. I knew he’d be devastated because I know he loves me. No one hurts you like those you love. I, thankfully, opted not to and somehow found the strength in prayer to be glad that my Dad gives so much of himself to others. I need to learn to share. He always enjoys time with me. I know this but I’m selfish.

With work am I blowing minor incidents out of proportion because my last boss was an emotional manipulator and now I’m suspicious of everyone’s motives? Am I ready to throw in the towel too quickly because I felt that 1 year and 8 months with evil boss was too long and I wish now I’d left earlier than I did?

I don’t know. All I know is composing this post I feel better. I’m going to go pray now.

St. Catherine of Alexandria, pray for us. Maybe I need to read the writings of The Little Flower again.

August 07, 2010

Father Baer Hath a Blog

Help him out! here

August 06, 2010

Removed Post

Yep, my post from last night is gone. No I'm not Terry! lol The comments on it were most helpful. Thank you to everyone who provided input and comfort.

I'm better today and I don't need to spew that kind of poison in public; much less on my blog.

Peace Be With You

August 03, 2010

Inferiority Complex

Gentle Reader: I try really hard to follow the recommended devotional practices of our Church. I try especially hard and with great diligence to follow the mandated periods of fast and abstinence during the liturgical year.

I fast from food and abstain from meat on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. I abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent. At one point, I always totally fasted on First Fridays in reparation and hopeful prayer that the sin of abortion would end. I should start that practice up again, especially, as our local friends at Planned Parenthood want to build a bigger abortuary in St. Paul.

Anyway, I’ve periodically been met with resentment by my fellow Catholics when they hear what I’m doing-especially during the two years I had my First Friday fast going on. Usually, I’d hear: “Why are you doing that? Do you think you are a better Catholic than I am?”

Are they thinking: Is it possible they are missing out on something? Is it possible I’m judging them? Is it possible if they don’t do it something bad is going to happen to them?

I decided, after a period of annoyed reflection, the motivation behind these statements was their own unease and anxiety; not some effort to put me down. Though that may have been part of it, it was not all of it.

I would usually comment back to them, in all honesty: “No, I don’t think I’m better than you. In fact, I know I’m not which is why I’m doing it” End of story. I’m still the biggest sinner I know.

Why then do fellow Catholics get so upset and act like you are the one who is crazy when you cross yourself as you pass a Catholic Church (to reverence the Blessed Sacrament inside) or when you are walking around Como Lake carrying your Rosary or when you are abstaining EVERY Friday or fasting on Ash Wednesday?

Part of it may be embarrassment; after all it’s more “hip” these days to act like a Catholic who doesn’t give a damn and probably is damned than one who is actually acting and living like one. So, there goes that old throwback making us all look like Vatican II never happened blah, blah, yadda, yadda. What an embarrassment, why doesn’t she just join us in our fortress of indifference and eye-rolling superiority?

When you buy into this line of cr---, uh, reasoning that’s the point you start crossing over to the dark side. Once you are ashamed of devotional practices that you practice openly, it’s a short step to suddenly being ashamed you are going to daily Mass and then oops, why do you really need to go to Confession and why should you feel bad about being too busy for Sunday Mass. On and on

After you’ve crossed over then you want others to join you too. No one wants to feel shame and it’s easier to not feel shame when as many people as possible are on the Sin Train with you. When you surround your self with people who think like you then you can avoid those awkward encounters with people like me who tell you they make it a spiritual practice (some of which may be mandates and some not but to those who are far gone there is no distinction) to go to Confession before First Friday, to pray the Rosary daily, to go to Mass every Sunday.

If there is anyone who is selfish in these scenerios it’s probably me because I’m not buying the dissident line of baloney anymore. I have to admit I do not always use these opportunities as teaching moments. Some times I just have to walk away because I already know what’s coming. It’s not that I’m afraid they will revert me, it’s more like I just don’t want to hear it anymore. I’ve been there, believed it, lived it, spoke it, spread it. I’m removed from it. I’ve removed myself from it.

This is probably an erroneous response. I should be in the thick of it. There are few better qualified then me to go right into the trenches. There are days I amuse myself with the thought of going back to my old parish in a chapel veil. I don’t know-maybe one day I will. Maybe one day I’ll have to. But, for now, no.

But, I know if a priest I know and respect and like were assigned there and I know he’s going to need help I’d be over there in a shot. Then, I ask myself in all honesty: “So, you’d go back there for a friend, but not for the Lord?”

/me hangs head in shame

Who’s inferior now?

August 01, 2010

Amentior! Street Style: Catholic Edition

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