May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Praying for the dead is an Act of Mercy. Remember those who served.

May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

RAY! Ray believes that it is good to be alive! Wish him a happy day and pray for him.

May 21, 2010

Prayer Request

Please pray for seminarian and blogger Phillip Gerard Johnson. An update is on his blog

May 17, 2010


So,The Crescat awards are over with for this year; now what are you gonna do with your time? To those who tied up every public computer they could find to vote multiple times for their loved one, all the unemployed need those library computers to look for work, you, you, Christians!!!!! I guess we will know you by your love, and the presence of your name on every library sign-up sheet in town!

Seriously (because you didn't think I was did you?), some great people were nominated-even Father Richtsteig! (heh) -the priest most likely to NEVER be invited to give the opening prayer at the "National Prayer Breakfast" if we still have one! The only man I've ever known to be banned, yes banned, from Burning Man. In his defense, they can't prove he's the one who lit it early a few years back!

I'm glad we don't have a repeat of last year when Ray phoned me screaming "This is b******t! I was f*****n robbed!" His lungs are still too weak to make any extraneous and ranting phone calls. But, he appreciates your prayerful support!

Can anyone loan me $20? Swissmiss expects me to pick up a cake for her at Cafe Latte. Fortunately, she had pity on the fact that I've spent so much on my ill cat this week and only expects the cake twice/week for the next month!

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May 16, 2010

Terry's Birthday!

Gosh, the day almost got away from me before I remembered that Terry is 29 (again!) today!

Stop over at his blog and wish him well!

The Old Witch Spinster Crazy Cat Lady in the Haunted House Next Door

I’m sure that’s how the kids next door see me. I have cats. They call me a witch with a b to my face. My house is not haunted but you know how kids are. I’m not crazy, at least, I don’t think it’s crazy to expect respect for me and my property. But, they think I’m too demanding to ask them to keep it down at night, quit using drugs in front of the kids, quit hitting their kids, quit verbally abusing their kids, keep their kids in school, quit throwing trash in my yard and rocks at my windows.

Today, I saw one of their kids carrying a knife and waving it around the little kids and using it to stab a basketball and one of their many cars that don’t run that is sitting in their back driveway. No adults are in sight or, apparently at home, and I saw the grandpa leave several hours ago. What do do? I called the Police. The kid told some baloney story to the cops (he’s been well-schooled in the fine art of lying by his family) and the cops left. Who knows where he put the knife or what kid could get hurt?

When I say anything to this juvenile or anyone else in that house they just look at me with cold dead eyes and say nothing.

How do people get to this point? What is going to happen to these kids?

There is a part of me that feels bad for these kids; they are desperate for the attention they are not getting from their family and they are acting out. The neighborhood is their playground and I seem to be one of their favorite victims because I speak out.

I tried to be nice to them for quite a while. I’ve quit doing that now. Now we don’t talk unless it’s me yelling.

I’m struggling with charity. I find myself muttering and rageful everytime I see these people. I’m probably blaming them for stuff they didn’t do or some random coincidence but given the history what else can I do?

Some days I feel like moving but these folks are renters and I’m not. They can go. Maybe that’s not charitable to think that way either.

May 14, 2010

Tough Week

Gentle Reader: I’ve been scarce this week but it’s been an exhausting week.
As you know, Ray was in the hospital this week. He’s home and recovering now.

In addition, my cat,Sodak, has been at the vet several times this week. We still are not sure what is wrong with him. After a series of tests,I’ve decided to give him a rest of a few weeks, unless he gets sick again, before we decide what to do next.

Work has been fine; not too many hours but I ended up working about 3 hours of my 8 hour vacation day today! But, I did have a good dinner with Bede, who also has been ill-please pray for her.

The highlight of my week was attending Mass on Ascension THURSDAY! It was a Mass in the Extraordinary Form at a parish that follows the Traditional calender for the EF Mass so they observed the Mass of the Ascension on the historical date.

No matter how tough the week gets, remember, there is a Mass somewhere in the world. If you check your schedule, maybe you can attend one! There is nothing like time with the Lord to make one feel better. Speaking of time with the Lord, Adoration is a good thing as well and it occurs to me to recollect that I had my usual hour on Tuesday. I always feel better if I can just sit in peace with Him; it puts it all in perspective. It reminds me that whatever trials I have on Earth they are as nothing compared to His for me.

Cannonball Awards Close Today-Thanks Be to God!

Today is the last day for the Annual Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards! There has not been this much BS in one place since The Crescat sat alone in a pew! Stop over and vote, read some more blogs, get a life!

--Signed William Shatner

May 12, 2010

Ray is in the Hospital!

Please pray for our friend, Ray from MN. He's in the hospital with pneumonia. Terry has some info.

Update: 5/10/10 9:15 p.m.: Just got home from visiting Ray. He is still using oxygen and the nebulizer and he sounds very phlegmy in his voice and coughing (which is frequent). However, he sat up during our entire visit and his temp, which was high yesterday, is down to normal. Ray was VERY happy to read that people are praying for him. I printed out the comments to the blog posts, from several blogs, that mentioned he was hospitalized and took them with me to the hospital and left them with him. Terry went to see him today and griped to Ray that at least they could've given him a nice robe to wear! What do our taxes pay for?!? Classic Ter. (kidding). Also, Swissmiss (come back, Swissy!) and her son paid him a visit and she brought him some treats! A priest has visited him and he was Anointed. Also, he received Communion on Sunday. As Catholics we need to, and I'm being totally serious, make sure our loved ones are as well taken care of spiritually in hospital as they are physically.

Update 5/12/10 5:50 a.m.:
Ray is home from the hospital!!! I spoke to him last night. I was so happy I forgot to update the blog! He is resting but he is still pretty phlegmy

May 09, 2010

Was Going to Blog But.....

I was going to put up a new blog post this evening but when I found out Ray was in the hospital I had no heart for blogging beyond mentioning Ray's illness and asking for prayers for him. Maybe that's the best thing about blogging? the prayer chain, the group of friends made, the souls we may never meet but that we love from afar, banding together to pray for one of our own.

Ray has a strong devotion to the Divine Mercy; he credits his reversion to it. Please offer a Divine Mercy Chaplet for Ray when you have a few moments. God bless you.

May 07, 2010

On This Date In History

By Caravaggio and Chris G!

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May 05, 2010

Pick Up Your People

I’m part Aninshinabeg (Objiway). I don’t look it. My skin is as white as my mother’s. My Dad and my paternal aunts, uncles and grandfather look, obviously, Native American. Because I don’t look “it” people reveal their anti-Native prejudices in front of me and then, oops, they apologize for remembering my blood is muddy brown.

My Dad worked in the big Postal Service office on the river in downtown Minneapolis for many years.He was a fairly high-level employee and well known and respected. Yet, people can’t help their prejudices.

It’s a sad fact in the life of The People that substance abuse has hit them hard. Near the Postal Service building are many homeless camps. Also, the homeless and those on hard times tend to congregate downtown after dark. Any open building is a potential shelter. As the lobby of the Postal Service building was open late a lot of Natives (as well as many of other races) would wonder in intoxicated and sit down.

Inevitably, someone would go to my Dad and say: “Your people are drunk down in the lobby; go get them” or “Your cousins (no relation really) are partying in the lobby can you get them to leave?” There was notpart of my Dad’s job description that involved being a Bouncer for the building.The only reason he was asked was because he is Native American.

The requesting tone was along the lines of “Go, take out the trash”.

So, my Dad would go down and do what the others were afraid to do; talk to the people and tell them they’d have to leave. He’d also give them directions to a shelter. I know without asking that he probably opened his wallet several times. I know his generous heart. I don’t even have to ask. He probably asked them about their people and where they were from; just making conversation. Maybe they saw him, ogiichidaa, and were inspired.

As Christians, how many of us pick up our people when they are down? How many of us see our brothers and sisters intoxicated with sin and bother to say anything to them much less encourage them and open our Christian witness to their sodden souls?

Like those who wanted to my Dad to handle the “drunken Indians” we want someone else to lend assistance to our fallen brothers and sisters. We are afraid ofwhat we don’t know. We are afraid of their response.

May 03, 2010

Quality of Life

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a family member who relayed to me an update on the elderly mother of his long time friend. The mother is 90, a widow of two years and due to physical infirmities confined to her home. Her son is very wealthy and in a position to keep his mother in her home and pay for 24/7 care out of his own pocket. He lives nearby, visits regularly and keeps a close eye on her care. He’s a good son. Yet he talks about “quality of life” and his mother’s lack of it.

My family member agrees with his friend and he went further by saying “Sometimes it’s better to just pull the plug”. I was stunned. All I could say was “The Lord will take her when He’s ready” He agreed with that but maybe the Lord needs help deciding.

Admit it. Aren’t there a lot of people who agree with this position: If you do not have a full life and are not fully able bodied and healthy then you are better off dead?

Of course, the criteria and judgement of death are theirs to make. If they don’t have the “guts” to carry it out then they want to find (or make) a doctor do it. If doctor are reluctant they want the courts to mandate it. Where will it end?

Ultimately, if we are honest with ourselves, is it always concern about their quality of life or is it selfishness about ours? Our “quality of life” is impacted when a loved one needs care. Our wallet, our time, our patience are all tested.

Maybe the test of faith is as much the infirm as it is ours. Our character, trust and love are all revealed in our response to illness as much as the person who is ill is. How much are we willing to sacrifice for someone we love? During a serious illness you will know the answer to that question.

Death may be a way out but is it the easy way out? Should it be?

Illness is a trial. It’s tough. I’ve been there. There are days were you are all you can be and days where you are less than you should be.

In the end, it’s the Lord’s decision to make. The Lord’s hand should be the only one “on the plug”
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