April 03, 2010

O Infélix Astútia

Over the last month, this difficult Lent, has been filled with stories of abuse by sinful priests in the Church and people seeking to destroy the Holy Father.

There is truth and there is lies. It’s tough to tell which is which. There is no doubt that there are people who seek to destroy the Holy Father and destroy the Catholic Church. Some of the destroyers are among us. They claim to be faithful but they hate the Faith they claims to profess.

The Enemy is everywhere.

There is no doubt that sinful men are priests. There is no doubt that sinful people sit in the pews.There is no doubt that I’m sinful. There is no doubt the Pope is sinful. We all are. The Holy Father leads the Church and despite what mud may stick to his reputation when all this is said and decisively done he will remain one of the greatest theologians of our time.

Errors occured. Who could say 20-30 years ago that a "change of scenery" was not all these abusive priests needed to make them well? The motivation and psychologically were barely known. For that matter, the reality of sexual abuse was barely known. It doesn’t excuse what happened. It was a naive time. Perhaps a more innocent time.

Now a old grandpa can’t even kiss his granddaughter in public without raising suspicions of inpropriety. What happened ?

The press, who pride themselves on their "deep" knowledge of Catholicism smell blood in the water and like sharks are all over what they think is the dying corpse of the Church. There have been moments this week that I doubted. Maybe they were right.

But, this morning at Tenebrae I heard the following Lesson that I've heard before:

Posuérunt custódes mílites ad sepúlcrum. Concússa terra Dóminus resurréxit : mirácula facta sunt tália circa sepúlcrum, ut et ipsi mílites , qui custódes advénerant, testes fíerent, si vellent vera nuntiáre. Sed avarítia illa, quæ captivávit discípulum cómitem Christi, captivávit et mílitem custódem sepúlcri. Damus, ínquiunt, vobis pecúniam : et dícite, quia vobis dormiéntibus venérunt discípuli ejus, et abstulérunt eum. Vere defecérunt scrutántes scrutatiónes. Quid est quod dixísti, o infélix astútia? Tamtúmne déseris lucem consílii pietátis, et in profúnda versútiæ demérgeris, ut hoc dicas : Dícite quia vobis dormiéntibus venérunt discípuli ejus, et abstulérunt eum? Dormiéntes testes ádhibes : vere tu ipse obdormísti, qui scrutándo tália defecísti.
They placed a watch of soldiers over the sepulchre. The earth quaked! The Lord rose again! Such were the miracles wrought round about the sepulchre, that the very soldiers who kept watch might have become witnesses, if they had been willing to declare the truth. But that covetousness which possessed the disciple and companion of Christ, possessed also the soldiers who guarded his tomb. We will give you money (say they), and say ye that his disciples came and stole him away while ye slept. Truly, they failed in their snare and communings. What is this thou saidst, O wretched cunning? Dost thou so far forsake the light of prudence and duty, and plunge thyself so deep in craftiness, as to speak thus : Say ye that his disciples came and stole him away while ye slept? Thou producest sleeping witnesses! Surely thou wast thyself asleep, who didst thus snare thyself in such a snare.

It all became so clear. Herod thought he could stop the Messiah by killing all the first born of Israel. The Pharisees and the Sanhedrin thought they could stop the powerful message of The Christ by sending Him to death. The authorities put guards around the tomb of a dead man, the same man they denied was a King and the Son of God, and thought they could stop, or make a lie out of, an event that they claimed not to believe in the first place.

Fools! It was all naught. God’s will be done and will not benied. The Church will survive.It has survived all these centuries of doubt, sin, persecution and death. All it takes is belief and willingness to give it all up for the Lord. The martyrs and saints give us a powerful example of sacrifice. The Church survived on their hearts and blood. Where’s yours? Where’s mine?

We need more of the faithful to speak up and out about the truths of the Faith. I know it’s scary to put yourself out there. In many areas of the country there are strong networks for faithful Catholics in social media. In Minnesota, we are blessed to have a strong support network of faithful Catholics in service to the Lord and his Church. Join us.


Blogger LarryD said...

May you have a blessed and holy Easter. I may not be in Minnesota, but I'm with you guys in spirit.


April 03, 2010 10:52 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Happy Easter...

April 03, 2010 11:00 PM  
Blogger Subvet said...

Very good post. FWIW, our Church's history is littered with scoundrels some were even Popes. But Christ preached on this (Matt. 13: 24-30)

The Church will survive, the current crisis is small potatoes. The trick is to make sure we're not numbered amongst the weeds.

Nice blog you've got. Have a Happy Easter.

April 04, 2010 9:48 AM  
Blogger Tancred said...

It's the mark of a really great author to be able to explain difficult problems and concepts in terms and logic that a good natured seven year old can follow, to borrow from Lev Tolstoi, and I think you've done both of those things here.

April 06, 2010 9:18 AM  

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