April 30, 2010

It Never Rains but It Pours (or Floods!)

My post the other day caused many to contact me fearing the flooded kitchen floor was mine. No, it wasn't. Thanks be to God! It was my Aunt's floor. In fact, 1/2 of her lower level flooded out as the lake in front of her house rose. The waters have receeded but the lower level is in tough shape. I went out to South Dakota last weekend to help her as much as I can in a short amount of time.

I found I'd rather help someone with their house than work on my own. Speaking of which; it seems I'd rather help someone else with their sins then work on my own.

True to form, I fell into serious sin like I usually do when I leave town. I should just put a big sign on my forehead "SINNER!" before I leave or have my Confessor on standby when I come back to town.

But, I'm still trying to help others to Heaven. Does that make what I did better? Does spending the weekend helping someone else justify that, for no good reason, I missed Mass last Sunday (that's not all I did but I'll leave it at that). No!

Helping others is worthy and an important part of being a Christian but it should not come at the expense of your own soul. I know this. I believe this. But, I don't live this.

Is the answer to never leave my house? Never talk to anyone? Never reach out? No, but when we reach out; when we extend ourselves we should be extending a Christ-like hand not Judas reaching out for the coins.

Please remember in prayer my Aunt. Her son is gravely ill. We don't know what is wrong. She had to fly suddenly to Florida this week to be with him in the hospital.

Some days I don't think I will live past tomorrow. I don't mean literally; I mean spiritually. I'm in a spiritual dead zone right now.

For all the joshing I do with Terry he's always one of the first ones to know something is wrong with me and extend a hand. He makes me laugh. It is all appreciated. His prayers are most appreciated.

All of your prayers are appreciated. Thank you.

I'm feeling maudlin. Maybe it's that another birthday is approaching and I feel, frequently, useless.

I need to pick myself up from that kitchen floor. I am useful. We all are useful. Useful to Him, useful to others, useful to ourselves. If I give up and lie there; is that how I want to spend eternity; in a Hell of scraping linoleum that is never clean with a soul that is always dirty?

April 29, 2010

Foul Play

I blogged! Ok, not here, but my latest goofy rambling is over at "Our Word and Welcome to It!" blog. It's a post about a blond librarian, a dwarf, a fictitious pope, and Barry Manilow! Far Out!

April 26, 2010

Blog Addiction

Help! I'm so addicted to blogging! Oh, I don't know how to just quit and walk away. I'm neglecting my prayer life in pursuit of the perfect blog post! I seek fame and glory by blogging. I'm neglecting my family. I called my Dad and had to identify myself as his daughter (for the record, I'm his only daughter). It's bad.

I could blog about my weekend scraping linoleum backing off a flooded kitchen floor, the blisters that resulted, my need to go to Confession, but who wants to read about that?!?

April 22, 2010

A Volcanic Eruption of Random Crank and Snark!

I've totally got that snarkiest blog award over atThe Crescat SEWN up! Ok, I'm going down in flames to Larry D but I'll publicly deny that until I die! Wait, what did I just say?

There has not been this much irritation dosed with spirituality in the blogosphere since Nazareth Priest clicked off for Matins!

I don't blog to make myself look good; in fact the Lord saith: "Cathy, I feel like your facial consultant; you don't give me anything to work with!"

I wonder what planet some people live on when they think a local Catholic University needs to make apologies and excuses for inviting speakers that reiterate Catholic teaching?

I wish SOME people would quit bringing their yard rabbit offspring over to my part of town at night! I don't want to mention names: [cough]Terry[cough] but it's most irritating. It's an offense against my ongoing attempt to be charitable because it really pisses me off!

I'm going to turn comments off and leave town-see if I care!!!!

Yes, I'm here in the Tiki Room all week!

Hugs and Kisses! Cath

[Photo Credit: By Vincenzo because it's Earth Day and he had to do something today to take him away from his usual Thursday activity of burying Mormons in his front yard.

April 21, 2010

A Portrait of the Blogger as a Volcano

A self portrait for Terry!

April 18, 2010

The Good Shepherd

In the Traditional calender, today is Good Shepherd Sunday. The Gospel reading for today, in the new calender, is John 21 1:19.

In this Gospel, we have the what I like to call the threefold refutation or reclamation by Peter. Peter “makes up” for his threefold denial of Jesus during the Passion by expressing his certain love for Jesus. Has Peter now learned his lesson? Is he now fully “on board” with The Christ? Yes. Though Peter may not understand fully yet, Jesus is telling him he will not only follow The Christ in His ministry, he will follow Him to a crucifixion of his own.

Peter is the first Pope. A “good shepherd”

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of the ascendency of Joseph Ratzinger to the Chair of Peter. Who can forget that day? I remember, vividly, where I was and what I was doing.

Pope Benedict XVI is the first Pope I can honestly repeat my love for and give him my full assurance that I am completely “on board” with him. I’m nearly 42 and all the Popes of my life time, yes, even Pope John Paul II, were not always loved or even respected by me. Their counsel; I almost thoroughly ignored.

What did Cardinal Ratzinger think when he was told he was elected Pope? Like Peter he was led where he did not want to go. What man, really, would not find the prospect of being the earthly leader of the Roman Catholic Church terrifying? If in some alternate reality some one came to me and said “Hey, Cathy, you’ve just been elected Pope what are you going to do now?” Go to Disneyland and live in the Pirates of the Carribean ride until they give up and elect someone else!

The words Jesus spoke to Peter thru the Gospel have been spoken to the heart of every Pope thru all the ages: “Feed my lambs, tend my sheep, follow me” It seems simplebut it’s not. It’s tough to feed lambs when they don’t want to be fed. It’s hard to tend them when they don’t want you around. Can you imagine how hard it must be for a man who has devoted his life to teaching to get up in front of people, publicly, and try to teach what they don’t want to hear? How must that rejection eat at his heart? Though the Sucessor of Peter’s love for Christ and His sheep may wax and wane and be as challenged as the rest of us, may it never die.

Pray for the Holy Father.

April 17, 2010

This Blog SUCKS!

Yes, and I know it! I'm still around. Really busy with work and grateful to God for the gig. It's so beautiful outside. My Dad is here this weekend so I'm relaxing with him now. It's all good!

April 08, 2010

Quantitative Metathesis Update

April 07, 2010

Now This...

..because Barbie doesn't already set enough unrealistic expectations for women!

I have nightmares about being locked in a closet with clowns and Barbie.

April 05, 2010

Projections of Ignorance

Gentle Reader: Don't be too angry about all the commentators demanding, expecting, cajoling, wheedling, "change" in the Catholic Church as a solution to the problems of sexual abuse by clergy. Often, the changes involve: elections, removing the hierarchy, deposing the Holy Father, "ordaining" women etc. etc. You know, nothing new, really, no thing new.

Don't be angry because they speak out of ignorance and misinformation: the same they are trying to project upon the Church. Many of these folks belong to Protestant denominations that do, to their mind, (though I'd quibble) give them everything they want as far as a "democratic" structure and now they want the Catholic Church to be Protestant. Without the existance of the Catholic Church I wonder what basis for their entire existance they would use but that's another opus for another day.

Some of these commentators claim to be, actually, Catholic but, sadly, they get their information about the faith they profess from the commentators in the above paragraph.

The Catholic Church is not a democracy. However, you have the right to go to Hell.

Peace and hugs! Cranky Cathy

April 04, 2010

He is Not Here.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

April 03, 2010

O Infélix Astútia

Over the last month, this difficult Lent, has been filled with stories of abuse by sinful priests in the Church and people seeking to destroy the Holy Father.

There is truth and there is lies. It’s tough to tell which is which. There is no doubt that there are people who seek to destroy the Holy Father and destroy the Catholic Church. Some of the destroyers are among us. They claim to be faithful but they hate the Faith they claims to profess.

The Enemy is everywhere.

There is no doubt that sinful men are priests. There is no doubt that sinful people sit in the pews.There is no doubt that I’m sinful. There is no doubt the Pope is sinful. We all are. The Holy Father leads the Church and despite what mud may stick to his reputation when all this is said and decisively done he will remain one of the greatest theologians of our time.

Errors occured. Who could say 20-30 years ago that a "change of scenery" was not all these abusive priests needed to make them well? The motivation and psychologically were barely known. For that matter, the reality of sexual abuse was barely known. It doesn’t excuse what happened. It was a naive time. Perhaps a more innocent time.

Now a old grandpa can’t even kiss his granddaughter in public without raising suspicions of inpropriety. What happened ?

The press, who pride themselves on their "deep" knowledge of Catholicism smell blood in the water and like sharks are all over what they think is the dying corpse of the Church. There have been moments this week that I doubted. Maybe they were right.

But, this morning at Tenebrae I heard the following Lesson that I've heard before:

Posuérunt custódes mílites ad sepúlcrum. Concússa terra Dóminus resurréxit : mirácula facta sunt tália circa sepúlcrum, ut et ipsi mílites , qui custódes advénerant, testes fíerent, si vellent vera nuntiáre. Sed avarítia illa, quæ captivávit discípulum cómitem Christi, captivávit et mílitem custódem sepúlcri. Damus, ínquiunt, vobis pecúniam : et dícite, quia vobis dormiéntibus venérunt discípuli ejus, et abstulérunt eum. Vere defecérunt scrutántes scrutatiónes. Quid est quod dixísti, o infélix astútia? Tamtúmne déseris lucem consílii pietátis, et in profúnda versútiæ demérgeris, ut hoc dicas : Dícite quia vobis dormiéntibus venérunt discípuli ejus, et abstulérunt eum? Dormiéntes testes ádhibes : vere tu ipse obdormísti, qui scrutándo tália defecísti.
They placed a watch of soldiers over the sepulchre. The earth quaked! The Lord rose again! Such were the miracles wrought round about the sepulchre, that the very soldiers who kept watch might have become witnesses, if they had been willing to declare the truth. But that covetousness which possessed the disciple and companion of Christ, possessed also the soldiers who guarded his tomb. We will give you money (say they), and say ye that his disciples came and stole him away while ye slept. Truly, they failed in their snare and communings. What is this thou saidst, O wretched cunning? Dost thou so far forsake the light of prudence and duty, and plunge thyself so deep in craftiness, as to speak thus : Say ye that his disciples came and stole him away while ye slept? Thou producest sleeping witnesses! Surely thou wast thyself asleep, who didst thus snare thyself in such a snare.

It all became so clear. Herod thought he could stop the Messiah by killing all the first born of Israel. The Pharisees and the Sanhedrin thought they could stop the powerful message of The Christ by sending Him to death. The authorities put guards around the tomb of a dead man, the same man they denied was a King and the Son of God, and thought they could stop, or make a lie out of, an event that they claimed not to believe in the first place.

Fools! It was all naught. God’s will be done and will not benied. The Church will survive.It has survived all these centuries of doubt, sin, persecution and death. All it takes is belief and willingness to give it all up for the Lord. The martyrs and saints give us a powerful example of sacrifice. The Church survived on their hearts and blood. Where’s yours? Where’s mine?

We need more of the faithful to speak up and out about the truths of the Faith. I know it’s scary to put yourself out there. In many areas of the country there are strong networks for faithful Catholics in social media. In Minnesota, we are blessed to have a strong support network of faithful Catholics in service to the Lord and his Church. Join us.

Extreme Makeover: Spiritual Edition

What if there was a program that brought hope to the hopeless, sheltered the homeless or inadequately housed, brought people together to help the less fortunate and closed with the multitude chanting: "Move that stone!" before a rock-hewn tomb?

There is: Holy Mass tonight. Be there!

April 02, 2010


What more can He do for you? Why do some of you fail to understand?

For some, today, Good Friday, is the end of the work week, it's just another day. You don't fast, you don't attend Tenebrae or Stations of the Cross or the Commemoration of the Lord's Passion. You don't spend any time today in prayer, you don't Venerate the Cross.

And some of these people call themselves Christians. They think "It is enough" means it's enough to show up at Church twice/year with your family and have a big meal together afterwards and exclaim how much the Church has changed since the last time you were there all those months ago. Oh, and who's the new guy? (priest)

You may think because you go to the store and a bunny is on everything that means a rabbit is going to rise on the third day and on Sunday. Trust me, the bunny: once he's dead is dead.

Not so with the Lord. Yet we spend more time buying hollow chocolate bunnies and dopey pink and green household decorations than we do walking with the Lord on His journey to Calvary for us.

It astonishes me how little one can "get out of" only showing up for Easter and Christmas. It's like showing up for a New Year's Eve party 3 minutes before Midnight and leaving 3 minutes after. There's no build-up and there is no follow-thru. It's a brief hurrah and then it's nothing. It's like showing up for the film as the closing credits roll. But, in this case, you can't get your money back.

Friends: You miss out on the joy of being a Christian year around when you only make an appearance a few times/year. You miss the cycles and the rhythm of the year. The introduction of certain hymns at specific times of the year. The absence of others. The spiritual practices for the seasons. The Novenas. The Calendar of Saints. The dark. The Light. The Birth. The Death.

I understand where you are coming from. I used to be you. Ever wonder why I'm not with you anymore? Life was meaningless. I read #1 in the Baltimore Catechism. Life has meaning when it revolves totally around God not the other way around.
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