November 14, 2009

Making Crooked the Straight Paths

Remember the "Catholic" Coalition for Church Reform that I posted about a few weeks back? Well, honestly, I ripped apart their letter to the Archdiocesan Strategic Planning Task Force.

Well, the Task Force responded to the CCCR (not to be confused with USSR-though one day they will both be defunct) and the letter was made public. Ray has the story and the response letter.

I will not reprint the response letter here. But, basically, the Task Force reiterated what I said. The demands the CCCR was asking for are far outside the scope of the Task Force. Furthermore, it's obvious that this groups "issues" go far outside the Church they claim to be a part of. The Task Force took the additional step of suggesting the CCCR try Protestant denominations with views more closely aligned with their own.

Everyone was thinking that. I'm surprised the Task Force had the nerve to say it. Suggesting that they go elsewhere really set the CCCR off. What did they expect? What do they expect? Honestly. How can you have a "place at the same table" when you are not even hearing and understanding the words of your Host the same way? The Bible is full of meaning about language. Suddenly, the Apostles were all speaking in their own languages but they understood one another as if hearing the words in their own tongue. It's the Word of God. No matter the language, the Word is the same. The Word transcends language. Yet, the CCCR and I both speak English but we are not hearing the Word the same way. How can we be at the same table?

At Adoration this week I was reading sections of Acts. Remember the false prophet, Bar-Jesus the magician? Remember what St. Paul said to him before he was blinded? Harsh stuff.

There are folks among us, misguided folks, who continue to try and make crooked the straight paths of the Lord. They do so by taking the Church's teachings and distorting them to fit their own personal agendas. In doing so, they mislead, deceive and fool others into believing that their distortions are true. Even worse, they claim to have and know the true faith and those of us who follow the clear teaching authority of the Magisterium are false.

Curiously, one of the CCCR's agenda items during their "synod" last Spring was: "Communication in a Polarized Community" They can't be talking about me and the Church I live in. I don't feel polarized. I hear the Truth. I know the Truth. I accept the Truth. I live it (try to-I often fall short). That's not polarizing. It's liberating. It's they who are polarized. They make it so. Talk only takes you so far. You need to hear the Truth AND believe it. I believe that those who hear, really hear, the Word do not feel polarization. It is so clear. It makes so much sense.

Speaking of "dialogue", which the CCCR is so fond of. One of their blogs deleted Ray's comment about the Task Force response. So much for dialogue. This outfit is always claiming they are not heard. They are heard. They talk, but, sadly, they do not listen.


Blogger Ray from MN said...

I wish I'd have said that!

Brilliant, Cath!

That was a radical step proposed by the Task Force. But I've had it confirmed twice that that is the feeling in their offices on Summit.

I have a feeling that they are beginning to realize that they are playing hard ball. A couple of hundred at St. Stephen's walked out and created their own religion last year. And nobody came crying after them to beg them to return.

The CCCR was just told by that letter that nobody will be begging them to stay either. The Church wants them to stay, but they will have to do the changing. There are no negotiations in this hard ball game.

The Church has over a billion members. It isn't going to change its 2,000 year old teachings to placate another 100 elderly Vietnam War protesters, attempting to relive their glory years of their youth.

They are on the edge of apostasy. They are meeting again Tuesday. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

November 14, 2009 7:41 PM  
Blogger Terry Nelson said...

Excellent post Cath - the best.

Ray - you said:
"They are on the edge of apostasy."

I'm pretty sure they fell in awhile back.

November 14, 2009 10:14 PM  
Blogger Ray from MN said...


Well, one would hope that their decisions aren't irreversible.

But we certainly would want to give them the "free choice" that they demand on other issues.

November 15, 2009 7:02 AM  
Blogger nazareth priest said...

These folks are the "squeaky wheel"...just making noise. They say they want to be heard. Okay. Do they listen? Uh uh. They know IT ALL.
Just peruse the comments on ncronline. It's just a bunch of screeching.
True seekers of the Truth, listen.
They may struggle; they may ask questions; they may disagree. But they listen.
Dissenters have it all figured out and just want to bitch and moan.
You are absolutely correct.
I do not want our Catholic Faith to change because a bunch of whiners do not want to follow God's Revelation. I don't follow it all the time; that's why there's confession. Get in line, screechers. We're all sinners. Nothing unusual about that. Unless you want your sin to be your virtue. And that's another matter altogether.

November 15, 2009 10:01 PM  

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