October 06, 2009

The Tempter

I've been having a tough time the last few nights. My contract job ended last Friday, as I expected it would, and just as any other worrisome time in my life, Satan wastes no time hissing temptations in my ear. Insinuating himself into my dreams with his nightmares; asking his favorite question: "Why not?"

I'm still doing my daily prayers, Scripture meditations, Rosary, using Holy Water, and I can feel that he's still lurking, waiting for me to fall asleep or waiting to latch onto any anger or venial sins I may exhibit so he can try and run in and tempt me with the big stuff.

Since Saturday morning, even though there are no outward signs, I feel like a great battle has just taken place in my room. I'm sure my Angel and St. Michael have been on the job. I call on them often.

But, even my Angel needs backup and if I'm not doing anything to help him I feel like he backs off. He's around; but my sinful state makes him cry and he's over there in the corner praying for me at a distance.

If Satan tempted even the Lord, how can we expect less? The Lord conquered Satan. But, that's why He's the Lord. I'm not-which is what I'm reminded of daily. I'm too weak. I need help.

There are a few things I've figured out; Satan fears and hates Our Lady. Pray that Rosary! Call on her intercession. If you need to, park yourself in front of her image and pray-do it! Also, Satan hates it when I go to Confession. Really. Hates. It. I've never known him to stick around after I've gone to Confession and received Absolution and done my Penance.

In my dissenting days, I can't even remember what I did to fend him off. Oh, yeah, I didn't. Didn't even try. In fact, I refused to believe in him. Maybe "believe" is the wrong word associated with Satan. I refused to acknowledge he existed. Even though evidence was all around me; it couldn't be anything the old religious wackos call "Satan" it's just human badness and weakness. WRONG! Oh, so, wrong.

Yes, human badness and weakness exist but not in a vacuum. You can bet Satan is pulling the strings. Adam and Eve sinned-yes. But, they had some assistance.

Use every weapon at your disposal!


Blogger Chris said...

Every weapon? Like... bad prayer poetry?!?

O good St. Bede,
I am in need,
Would you please pray for me?
And when you do,
Bless Cathy, too,
So she'll live happily!


October 06, 2009 1:17 PM  
Blogger Shirley said...

I like Fr. Corapi's quote about Mary: "Your Mother wears combat boots!" One of the things I do other than those you've already mentioned, is that I'm enrolled in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular, and wear it always -yes, even when I shower- and wear the miraculous medal. I go to daily Mass as often as I can, and since I have a devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory, I call on them for assistance also. (Satan hates them as they are already beyond his grasp)

October 06, 2009 1:23 PM  
Blogger belinda said...

If your feeling particularly vunerable perhaps it's because your prayer life has been effective.

Hang in there. Breath deep and imagine that your inhaling the holy spirit when the temptations become too great. I trust that you win in the end. I will add my prayers to yours today. God bless you. And Vince too ! I sure wish that he could get to feeling better also.

I always pronounce Satin as Satan for some reason, even though I know it's incorrect. It's listed on the end of the "Malcom in the Middle" credits perhaps the wrong pronounciation is correct? Not sure, but I do know lots of spiritual craziness goes on that we don't catch.

October 06, 2009 3:45 PM  
Blogger Ray from MN said...

I've kinda wondered why my prayer life has been better this past year or so. (My sin production still remains high, however).

But I've been carrying my rosary in my pocket (with Miraculous Medal somebody who had visited Rome gave me attached to it) everywhere I go. That can't be a coincidence.

I agree that frequent Confession is a must. Nativity in St. Paul has it before Mass twice a day (8:15 and 5:00) during the week. That's been a Godsend for me.

October 06, 2009 4:29 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Thanks, Belinda and Shirley! Shirley: I love Fr. Corapi!

Bede: I love that! Thanks, my friend.

October 06, 2009 4:30 PM  
Blogger sprachmeister said...

I'm with you, Cathy of Alex, those demons are lurking everywhere. Your comment about Our Lady and the Rosary brought two things to mind. First of all, it's great that tomorrow is the memoria of Our Lady of the Rosary, when we can especially commemorate and give thanks to Our Lady for her intercession through the Rosary. Also, the bit you said about Satan hating her, well, that's just Biblical, ain't it? There's enmity between Satan and the woman, between his seed and hers... :D

October 06, 2009 5:33 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

sprachmeister: You are so right. Yes, I'll be commemorating Our Lady in a big way tomorrow. I even feel better after Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help that I attended tonight. Yes, and Confession too! :-)

October 06, 2009 9:28 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ray: I've never seen you without your Rosary so I'm sure it's working for ya!

October 06, 2009 9:28 PM  
Blogger Terry Nelson said...

The devil attacks us primarily with temptations to sin.

But - another favorite tactic of his is to cause "disquiet of soul" - in fact I was reading about this after we talked yesterday.

"Disquiet of soul is the first weapon that the devil uses against a soul desirous of perfection." - I Want To See God, Fr. Marie Eugene, OCD I'll continue but I will paraphrase what I read:

Disquiet of soul can bring the soul's activities to a halt, causing hesitation and indecision, lessening resistance to temptation, and causing an interior darkness or confusion which contributes to the soul's vulnerability, causing it to be more susceptible to the deceptions and strategy of the devil.

Sensible impressions, phantoms in the imagination, irrational fears - all such things the devil uses to cause and prolong disquiet. He instigates all sorts of anxieties with regard to sacrifices to be made, what the future holds, concerns for our health and comfort. He reminds us of past sins and failures and works on our weak points to foment discouragement.

At times he will take an insignificant detail - a thoughtless word someone spoke to us, a snub, or some other useless concern, and he works upon our immagination to exagerate the situation out of proportion - and we can become embroiled, making a mountain out of a molehill.

He causes much trouble when he sees we are trying to amend our lives and to advance spiritually, or, when seemingly 'doing well', we encounter some setback - temporally, spiritually, or morally, and tries to lead us to despair.

Prayer - especially the rosary, sacramentals (scapular/rosary beads), holy water, blessed salt are important weapons, as is humility, frequent communion and regular confession. You already know that however.

He also likes to remind us of our past sins and accuses us with them even after they have been absolved - all in order to lead us to despair or to excite a false humility.

"The devil takes his stand with great cunning, on the road which leads from sense to spirit, deceiving and luring the soul by means of sense, and giving it sensual things, as we have said, so that it may rest in them and not escape from him." - John of the Cross

God bless - let us all keep praying for one another.

October 06, 2009 10:05 PM  
Blogger Angela M. said...

GREAT post! Praying for you!

October 07, 2009 12:10 AM  
Anonymous Macabeus said...

Thanks for sharing your struggle to grow in holiness, everyone's vocation! Your honesty has surfaced another important discussion, to the benefit of many. The enemy, Satan, is real, but God has given us the tools to overcome.

God bless.

October 07, 2009 7:12 AM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Thanks Ter for that great info!

Thanks Angel Baby (prayers continue) and Mac!

October 07, 2009 8:59 AM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Thanks Ter for that great info!

Thanks Angel Baby (prayers continue) and Mac!

October 07, 2009 8:59 AM  

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