September 09, 2009

A Post Guaranteed To Tick You Off

Vincenzo has the story.

Basically, it's about an order of dissenting religious that figured out a way to not only leave the Church but take the money and the property. It also outlines an organization that is setting up to help other orders do that.

The story is rife with the usual teeth-grinding phrases and meaningless double speak of dissenting culture.

The claim the dissenters are "sojourners" really set me off. I think of the original sojourners as the apostles and disciples who set off into the wilderness to bring The Gospel. These "ladies" are setting off to spread their gospel-the gospel of relativism.

In any case, we need lawyers on the job to figure out a way to nip this movement in the bud or else it's going to spread. Mark me.

Father Rutler wrote that it's easier to dissent using the church's own copy machines than it is to strike out on your own. Now they've figured out a way to take the church's copy machines AND strike out on their own.

Remember, they are taking what WE, and our forefathers, gave them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised these "sisters" had the deeds in the first place. Shouldn't the title for the land and buildings reside with the diocese? I imagine ownership of all other assets would reside with the Benedictine order.

The ex-sisters might make an argument for having ownership of some of the community assets (like clothing, furniture, etc) since they are the last members of this community, but the land and buildings should clearly belong to the diocese. Are the Church lawyers sleeping on the job?

September 16, 2009 10:26 AM  
Anonymous Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

Actually, no. If I understand correctly, a congregation of consecrated religious (monks, nuns, friars, sisters) operates under obedience to their superiors, not the local ordinary. The ordinary must grant them permission to set up shop, and can later revoke that permission, but no other official authority over them. Certainly there is every reason to believe that such congregations would have ownership of the property as well.

November 30, 2009 2:39 PM  

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