August 13, 2009


...not the food I just ate with Bede! Just more of the same upset from the same suspects...

Ray has the post about the Archdiocesan communique stating the CCCR (not to be confused with the USSR but the same kind of dysfunctional system minus the cool parades) does not have the approval of the Archdiocese. The CCCR is now claiming (please sit down-ok you already are) the Archbishop is not "backing them up in the efforts to live up to their baptismal calling."

Preposterous! The Archbishop is trying to do exactly that! That's, uh, his calling-his job for those who persist in thinking Holy Orders are a 9-5 gig with a bad benefits package and a 6-day work week. If the Archbishop's Office was not trying to educate and reach the folks with their fingers in their ears and their heads up their (hee-haw) they wouldn't bother; they'd just let everyone go howling into Hell without comment.

Note the insinuations that the Archbishop may not have approved this letter. Of course, he did. Did he necessarily write it? No, but last time I checked he's on the editorial board of the Catholic Spirit and it is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese. Maybe they hope the paper is as bipolar as L'Osservatore Romano appears to be these days?

They are correct about one thing. The Archbishop has nothing to fear from them. Not even the Church has to fear them. Holy Church has stood for centuries against wackier stuff than this. It will continue long after they, and the paper they write, are dust. The Truth His Excellency is trying to teach will still be Truth. It was Truth then, it's Truth now, it's Truth forever.

The CCCR thinks they speak for everyone but the Archbishop only speaks for himself. Huh? At what point will dissidents accept the fact that there are, in existance, Catholics who are perfectly happy with OUR Church. I don't need THEIR church, their vision of church, their re-imagining of church. I don't need their "synod" acting like a conference of Catholic bishops. I'm fine with the one we have. You know; the one with the Holy Spirit guiding it. A dissident will take what I just said and turn it all around. I'm the outsider and they aren't. They have the Holy Spirit and I don't. Fine, but I support the authority of the Archbishop and they do so only as far as his office supports their positions. Who's more Roman Catholic?

They want to start a letter writing campaign to ask the Archbishop to rethink his (they always want us to think the Archbishop is just a maverick thinking his way because he wants to exercise his power over us all) position. I'm going to write a letter to the Archbishop stating two things: 1) He has my full support, 2) I'm praying for him. Brief and to the point.


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