August 09, 2009

The Real Food

Gentle Reader: Yep, ok, how timely have the Mass readings for this week been for me? See, my postfrom yesterday.

Here I am like Elijah, lying down under the broom tree, feeling like a failure. Unlike Elijah, I don't have his gift for preaching or banishment by the authorities in Israel. It matters not, regardless of century, wallowing is wallowing.

I can picture Elijah, annoyed as the Angel keeps poking him awake to eat when he just wants to die, "Go away and let me die in peace, will ya?"

I may not have an Angel poking me awake..or do I? Don't we all? Isn't our Angel on the job when we are compelled to go to Holy Mass at an "odd" time or whip out those Rosary beads at "unforseen" moments, or go to Confession when we hadn't scheduled it in our planners?

We have all the food and water we will ever need....Lord, give me this water.. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam..who needs as more than what it is, a diversion?

If Elijah could walk 40 days and nights on one skein of water and a hearth cake, just imagine how far we can walk having consumed the Lord? Many of our Saints did just this; only eating and drinking the Body and Blood and taking no other nourishment. It's starting to make some sense to me. The patterns are coalescing.

Maybe that's part of what suffering we can relate to Scripture, so it all makes sense, so we appreciate even more The Sacrifice and the Holy Meal, so we can be sustained by The Word and The Food. Christ did not come to the righteous but to the fallen. Here I am, Lord.


Blogger Anna B. said...

Sums it up for me..

Christ did not come to the righteous but to the fallen. Here I am, Lord.

August 09, 2009 8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Fr Johnson's homily at Cathedral this Saturday: "...we find God's nourishment too little and God's invitation too much."

August 09, 2009 10:45 PM  

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