August 18, 2009

Blog Hiatus

You knew this was coming, didn't you? LOL!

I need to take a blog hiatus until after Labor Day (in the U.S. it is September 7th this year).

I'm still looking for permanent work. My temp gig ends this month, however, they are looking into extending the gig if they can get funding. In any case, nothing is certain until you are dead. Furthermore, I need to put together an analytical writing sample for a job app and I want to get that done by this weekend. I'm also expecting a house full of guests the weekend of the 29th so house cleaning!

Those are my excuses. I know Ray is going to rip me.

Prayers appreciated! I remember all of you in my prayers on a regular basis. For instance, I almost hit a rabbit the other day and immediately sent up a prayer for Terry! I saw a gal with multiple piercings the other day and prayed for Adoro! LOL! I see food and I pray for Vincenzo! Besides, with Angela on vaca there is no point in continuing.

August 15, 2009


Magnificat anima mea Dominum

Et exultavit spiritus meus in Deo
salutari meo

Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae
ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent
omnes generationes

Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est
et sanctum nomen eius

Et misericordia eius in progenies et
progenies timentibus eum

Fecit potentiam in brachio suo dispersit
superbos mente cordis sui

Deposuit potentes de sede et
exaltavit humiles

Esurientes implevit bonis
et divites dimisit inanes

Suscepit Israhel puerum suum
memorari misericordiae

Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros
Abraham et semini eius in saecula.

August 14, 2009

I Can't Help Myself: Captions!!!!!

These photos on Father Zuhlsdorf's blog just cry out (well, you may feel like crying) for a caption contest! Have at it! What will you win? Uh, let's see...I open my wallet..yeah, well, ok, my respect!

Mine are below the photos...

"I have here a set of sheets, never worn, who will start the bidding at $1?"

The altar was so cluttered they decided to remove the Tabernacle to make room for the timpani set and the live elephant.

"I still want the left nut of the person who made me wear these vestments...ah, there he is"

In a contest of mental strength and will power, they hold the line as long as possible. The first one to break the line and rush the Doritos bowls has to sit furthest back in the theater with an obstructed view and run the projector. Today's flick? "Four Sisters for Peace"

"You're sure the Deacon knows his cue to run thru the arches holding the altar boys hand, swing round and and make another arch and then we run thru that, right?"

Have at it in the comboxes, y'all!

August 13, 2009


...not the food I just ate with Bede! Just more of the same upset from the same suspects...

Ray has the post about the Archdiocesan communique stating the CCCR (not to be confused with the USSR but the same kind of dysfunctional system minus the cool parades) does not have the approval of the Archdiocese. The CCCR is now claiming (please sit down-ok you already are) the Archbishop is not "backing them up in the efforts to live up to their baptismal calling."

Preposterous! The Archbishop is trying to do exactly that! That's, uh, his calling-his job for those who persist in thinking Holy Orders are a 9-5 gig with a bad benefits package and a 6-day work week. If the Archbishop's Office was not trying to educate and reach the folks with their fingers in their ears and their heads up their (hee-haw) they wouldn't bother; they'd just let everyone go howling into Hell without comment.

Note the insinuations that the Archbishop may not have approved this letter. Of course, he did. Did he necessarily write it? No, but last time I checked he's on the editorial board of the Catholic Spirit and it is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese. Maybe they hope the paper is as bipolar as L'Osservatore Romano appears to be these days?

They are correct about one thing. The Archbishop has nothing to fear from them. Not even the Church has to fear them. Holy Church has stood for centuries against wackier stuff than this. It will continue long after they, and the paper they write, are dust. The Truth His Excellency is trying to teach will still be Truth. It was Truth then, it's Truth now, it's Truth forever.

The CCCR thinks they speak for everyone but the Archbishop only speaks for himself. Huh? At what point will dissidents accept the fact that there are, in existance, Catholics who are perfectly happy with OUR Church. I don't need THEIR church, their vision of church, their re-imagining of church. I don't need their "synod" acting like a conference of Catholic bishops. I'm fine with the one we have. You know; the one with the Holy Spirit guiding it. A dissident will take what I just said and turn it all around. I'm the outsider and they aren't. They have the Holy Spirit and I don't. Fine, but I support the authority of the Archbishop and they do so only as far as his office supports their positions. Who's more Roman Catholic?

They want to start a letter writing campaign to ask the Archbishop to rethink his (they always want us to think the Archbishop is just a maverick thinking his way because he wants to exercise his power over us all) position. I'm going to write a letter to the Archbishop stating two things: 1) He has my full support, 2) I'm praying for him. Brief and to the point.

Food Post: An Evening with Bede

Gentle Reader: In a prior, whine, er, post I complained there are not enough photos of food online. In an effort to help remedy this glaring oversight, I forced myself to go eat some very good food. I dragged my innocent buddy, Bede, along with me. Bede, being the trooper that she is, suffered for my sake. It was especially tough for her when I chose Cafe Latte as our penance. Oh, the humanity! What a great friend is Bede! A lesser friend would surely have run at such a demand.

My dinner in foreground: Smoked Turkey breast with avocado, tomato, cucumbers, spinach leaves on wheat (I threw some Dijon on it because you can never have enough good mustard.) Bede had a chedder broccoli soup and a really good looking roll (I forgot to ask her what kind of roll). I was a little put out that they replaced the fresh tortilla chips with this bagged stuff..but, they were still ok.

Bede's dessert: Chocolate cake with a raspberry buttercream frosting.

My dessert: Raspberry cheesecake and a mug of coffee. I don't normally drink coffee this late in the day but dessert just cries out for after dinner coffee, IMHO.

Bede wants us all to know that world peace may be obtainable with enough cheesecake for all!

Bede also wanted me to tell you all that she figured out the best way to hug me-by standing on a step. And, I wasn't even wearing my heels!!!!

I've figured out the best way to hug me is just to hug me-period.

Thanks, Bede!

August 11, 2009

Stop Everything and Pray RIGHT NOW!

Please pray for The Crescat. What little I know sounds serious.

Update: 3:05 p.m.--Crescat has posted on her blog!

August 10, 2009

Bad Girls and Bad Boys

The ballad of Ray and Angela! *kidding*. But, really, I have a new post up on "Our Word and Welcome to It!. Check it out here

August 09, 2009

The Real Food

Gentle Reader: Yep, ok, how timely have the Mass readings for this week been for me? See, my postfrom yesterday.

Here I am like Elijah, lying down under the broom tree, feeling like a failure. Unlike Elijah, I don't have his gift for preaching or banishment by the authorities in Israel. It matters not, regardless of century, wallowing is wallowing.

I can picture Elijah, annoyed as the Angel keeps poking him awake to eat when he just wants to die, "Go away and let me die in peace, will ya?"

I may not have an Angel poking me awake..or do I? Don't we all? Isn't our Angel on the job when we are compelled to go to Holy Mass at an "odd" time or whip out those Rosary beads at "unforseen" moments, or go to Confession when we hadn't scheduled it in our planners?

We have all the food and water we will ever need....Lord, give me this water.. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam..who needs as more than what it is, a diversion?

If Elijah could walk 40 days and nights on one skein of water and a hearth cake, just imagine how far we can walk having consumed the Lord? Many of our Saints did just this; only eating and drinking the Body and Blood and taking no other nourishment. It's starting to make some sense to me. The patterns are coalescing.

Maybe that's part of what suffering we can relate to Scripture, so it all makes sense, so we appreciate even more The Sacrifice and the Holy Meal, so we can be sustained by The Word and The Food. Christ did not come to the righteous but to the fallen. Here I am, Lord.

August 08, 2009


Gentle Reader: Hi!

I woke up this morning, late and crying. Yes, full out sobbing, right as I woke up. I cried to the Lord. It's probably been over 10 years since I've been that mired in despair. However, 10 years ago, I yelled at the Lord and hated on Him. This time, I prayed for strength.

If I were more saintly (heck, if I were saintly period), I'd be better able to endure persecution with grace, patience and dignity.I'd probably still have a job. I wouldn't have walked out. I'd be able to take my boss' abuse without yelling back, walking out, etc. I'd be able to put up with the people next door keeping me awake 1/2 the night without yelling profanities out the window and muttering against them when I see them.

If I were a better person, I would be making my Morning Offering when I get up instead of 2:00 p.m. when I finally remember "oh, yeah, duh!" I'd make an Evening Offering before I go to bed instead of never remembering to do it at all. I'd pray without distraction. My distractions lately involve trying to push the violent tendencies out my head. I've had some dark dreams of late-really dark.

If I were a better person, I'd finally learn patience and charity. At this rate, I expect to learn these: 1) never. 2) late.

I've been to Confession and Thank God for it. Prayers help. Mass attendance helps. Daily recitation of the Rosary-REALLY helps. Thanks, Lady.

I've been having some problems with my computer and online access this week. Yes, the Twitter Fail Whale and the drama of Thursday but whatever.... I'm too busy these days to care. I've barely been blogging or reading online at all. If it were me and I had to register commenters for my blog I'd say: F*** It (w/o the stars!)! and be relieved to dump it all. 'course I have about 5 regular readers so registrations wouldn't take long. After this rant, I probably have 2!!!

The problem is: there just aren't enough people leaving town. Yes, everyone get out! I want to see more vacation photos. I'm not going anywhere and I can live the adventure through you!

There also is not enough food. We need more food photos online! I don't have much time to cook as I'd like these days so I like to see your prepared food so I can be happy!

There is also not enough large bandwidth photographs on pages. I need there to be, so more of the folks who have dial-up have more time to pray for me as they wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for pages to load.

/end rant

Oh, and please pray for me. Thanks and God bless you!

August 04, 2009

National Night to Hide!

The first Tuesday in August..once again, Terry will be peering furtively behind his drapes wondering if he dares to go outside to water his gardens without his neighbors accosting him from the street-hurling accusations of his lack of inclusiveness and friendliness because he won't condescend to be poisoned with bad potato salad (something to share!) and sit on the toilet all night after agreeing to eat Beth's baked beans (something to pass!)!!!!

Yes, it's National Night Out, Night of Togetherness, Night of Neighborliness (titles may vary depending upon local lawsuits, bankruptcy and scandals).

My neighborhood has not had one of these for years. Why? It's ridiculous. We all know each other, some of us already hate each other (the thought of sitting down to break bread with my neighbors to the north when I'd rather break their necks is preposterous to me). Many of us have each other's phone numbers and already keep an eye out for each other.

Maybe it's a good idea. Why, then, do I feel like if people would just act like responsible adults and, at least, be civil and considerate of each other (DAILY) we would not need these civic calendered events?

Maybe these events are pseudo-Christian reminders for those who don't go to Church to make peace with our brothers? A fine example of government morality and mandated manners? Or, necessary reminders for me that I need to not contemplate kicking the backside of some of my neighbors and pray for them instead?

August 02, 2009

Cultic vs Servant Model of the Priesthood

..brought to us by folks who want us to think the cultic model is a bad word. Honestly, "cultic" is a "bad" word because all priests are servants. Any true priest that I've ever known, in no way, expects or demands that we worship him, exalt him, or treat him in a manner he doesn't deserve.

That said, do I think that priests are better than laypeople? No, they can sin as badly as the rest of us. Again, any true priest I've ever known is quick to point out their failings.

However, do I NOT take what I just said above and make a leap into demanding that because priests can be as flawed as laypeople; that laypeople should be consecrating the Body and Blood of Our Lord at Holy Mass, because WTH(eck) we are all equally as bad.

Laypeople lack what the priest has: their hands are not consecrated. I know. I can hear some of you whining: "Why does that matter?" It matters. I, and many of you reading this blog, do not have the authority vested in us by our local Ordinary to consecrate the Host. Pretenders can play at mass all they want; that's what it is: playing.

Am I running around demanding laypeople quit serving at the altar?, it is what it is. However, no matter how many armies of EMHC's there may be at any given Mass, there can be only one MAN (assuming other priests are not present and co-consecrating) doing the heavy lifting. Consecrating and Lifting. Really. Look at him raising Jesus before us on The Cross.

I can't give you that.

I can forgive you for ticking me off but I can't give you Absolution in the Confessional either-the kind of Absolution some of you may require before you may present yourself for Communion. Only our priests, acting in the person of Christ using the authority granted them and who have the appropriate faculties to hear Confessions, may do that.

Some people take the idea of the servant model WAY to far. I know, I lived it. They push it to, in their minds, make the structure circular rather than hierarchal. They bend the Mass to fit their mindset-rules be danged. Hierarchy is another bad word to some. No matter how much you try to force the pyramid into the circle, God is still above all of us. Period.

Check out this major announcement, Pastor's 2Cents, at my old mater ecclesia here. This is MAJOR stuff. Some gripe, but obviously The Chancery has been watching and paying attention.

Please, in your charity, continue to pray for Fr. DeB. He's got an extremely tough gig. I know he does. Some of you complain that he's not severe enough, he's not fast enough..He has made, what seem to you minor changes, but to me who used to be there, they are major.


While my buddy, Adoro is on a monastery visit, I'm staying at her house under the watchful eye of the real Queen of the house: the German Shepherd-alias Fuzzy Butt, alias Furry Butt, alias My Pretty Girl, alias Sweetheart. I'm wise enough to the ways of the Shepherd to know that I'm able to stay there, without her chewing on my neck overnight, because she has accepted me.

This is probably the 3rd (4th?) time I've stayed with her and she is protective of me. Already, she has lunged at a jogger, a biker, and a motorcyclist on my behalf. I expected she might and was ready so no harm was done. They came up from behind us and I know she doesn't like that.

This morning during our after Mass walk, she perceived that the in-ground sprinkler was a threat and attacked it as it was watering the lawn. She did not neutralize the threat, but she put it in its place. Here she is, content, that she saved the world as she knows it, yet again.

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