July 20, 2009

Where's the Outrage?

Ever wonder why so many of your Catholic friends are not as outraged as you are about anti-Catholicism present in The Godfather films, the Dan Brown films, The Omen films?

I've thought about this and I submit the following hypothesis:

Few Catholics are outraged because the depiction of Catholicism in Hollywood films,and anti-Catholic, works is often so far removed from the reality of most Catholics that those works may as well be about someone else's church.

Jeffrey Tucker recently wrote in the June 18, 2009 The Wanderer "Hollywood Doesn't do 'Glory and Praise'" about how you will never see Hollywood spool such fare as "On Eagle's Wings" or "Gather Us In" in filmed reenactments of Catholic liturgies. In fact, there is probably more great Catholic music present on celluloid these days given to us by known Catholic haters than most of us will hear in an actual Mass.

How can you be upset about murdering albino monks when you probably don't know too much about monasticism or too many monks beyond stock monk "characters" like the one in "Van Helsing"?

When the last time you saw a nun in a habit was "The Trouble with Angels" on AMC last week, and most of the nuns you know of are getting arrested in Georgia rather than praying before the Blessed Sacrament and singing "Adoro te Devote"; how can you be outraged by sexualized depiction of nuns in habits on "Rescue Me"?

They might as well be mocking, if not a faith that they think existed centuries past, someone else's church.

But they aren't. Even if you may not actually hear Latin in Mass every Sunday, they are, at least you must realize this much, mocking our history.

I know it's popular to see history not as a continuum but as a series of disjointed happenstances; but it's not. Whether you see our history as leading us to this point or not, for better or for worse, how would you feel if someone mocked your Grandma?


Anonymous Thomas said...

I completely agree, I am glad somebody has brought this up. I am tired of how Catholicism is depicted in many television shows and movies these days. I recently saw Angels and Demons and saw examples in the movie. The comparison to somebody mocking your grandma is dead on. I don't care if somebody is merely making fun of our past, it still is not right. Thanks for the post I enjoyed it.

God Bless,


July 21, 2009 8:37 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

No Dan Brown novel or Film could ever contain the horrible spectrum of christian atrocities throughout history and modern day, ordered by the clergy and dished out by faithful adherents. All Germans who remained in the Nazi party willingly after learning of the final solution shared in a part of that crime. We are responsible for our voluntary allegiances, even if we are innocent of the actions of the other members. So I say to liberal christians, you rejoice in your beliefs. But somewhere an innocent person is suffering for them. You are complicit in everything that happens in the name of christianity.

September 09, 2009 6:39 PM  

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