May 05, 2009

2009 Cannonball Awards

Madame The Crescat has opened the polls for the 2009 Cannonball Awards. You can vote here The links to the categories are in the right sidebar towards the top under the goofy looking award.

Because there is a multitude of underappreciated Catholic blogs out there, "Best Underappreciated Blog" category was split into two parts so be careful that you view the nominees in both splits.

Yours truly is honored to be nominated in "Best Underappreciated Blog" and "Snarkiest Catholic Blog"

There is, however, no category for "Crankiest Catholic Blog" if there was I would sweep all in a landslide victory.

Last time I checked, the Devonshire Cream and Strawberries of British Blogdom, Mulier Fortis was actually ahead of ME in "Snarkiest Catholic Blog". Huh??! WT-? Tell me, she didn't threaten to quit taking photos of Missa Cantatas at Blackfen in exchange for votes? This is outrageous and cannot be allowed!

From the looks of things, next years contest will discriminate against Father Richtsteig as well as Father Z and the Papist!


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