April 19, 2009

Matthew 18:6

The American Life League is calling for Bishop John D'Arcy to remove Notre Dame's name from the Catholic Directory for permiting President Obama, hardened abortion supporter, to speak there in May.

Georgetown University covered over the words "IHS" above the podium that Obama used to speak there Tuesday (I'm curious where the outcry was over his appearance. I guess everyone is too busy yelling about Notre Dame). Georgetown, reportedly, did this at the White House's request. Yet, another tragic example of a Catholic institution denying Christ so as not to, possibly, offend the studio audience. God forbid, anyone believe there is a deity higher than the President at a Catholic school.

I wonder if all educational institutions in the United States that call themselves Catholic were assessed, honestly, regarding their actions to perpetuate the Faith in a Magisterium faithful manner, how many of them would make the grade? Would the Catholic Directory be reduced to a two page crib sheet?

A faithful remnant would be acceptable to me if it means that the false advertising will cease. I think it's preposterous and outrageous that schools continue to deceive us in believing that they are doing anything more than trading on their quasi-relationship with the Church only when it suits them. They take the money but they don't even try to repent and give it back. They jeer at us all the way to the bank and everytime they are successful in turning our young people away from the Faith of their Fathers.

When I was in "Catholic" college I was often told that they wanted to expose us to "ideas" to encourage free thought and that the Faith was something that should be taught at home. Huh? They also tried to say they made the assumption that we had learned our Faith already before we got to College and nothing they introduced us too should have any impact on Faith if our Faith was already solid. Does anyone think Catechesis in the 70s and 80s was solid enough to withstand any of that? They didn't think so either but they don't want to admit it. Eye-rolling and sneering passes for Catechesis, I guess. They also watered the Catholic Faith down, way down, because they did not want to offend the large non-Catholic population attending the school. Uh, did the Lutherans fail to see the Catholic signs on the literature they got before they attended? Would anyone of us expect to attend a Jewish or Baptist school and not be exposed to those faith traditions? Does anyone think for one minute if I attended Bob Jones University I would not be evangelized day and night?

Catholic schools were started in the U.S. as a response to the proselytizing (mostly Protestant) Catholic kids were being exposed to in the public schools. How much worse is it now? Now, it's not even Christianity of any sort that being taught in the public schools. It's socialism, it's communism, it's wishy-washy psychobabble.

President Obama is proving that he is very much a product of the education system of the last 30 years. Put Christ in a cupboard and pull Him out when it suits you.

No wonder so many faithful Catholics homeschool. Is it time, again, for a resurgance in the Catholic school system? AUTHENTIC Catholic schools. Will we, or could we, ever have that again? Ah, there's the question. If we care enough, if we pray enough AND if society will let us-you can bet the liberal lawmakers will try to stop it. I wonder.

I'm heartened by the outcry. How long have we been silent? We need to turn things around. We, the remnant that is still standing.

Support solidly Catholic schools. Speak up when you see or hear Catholic education that is poorly done. Pray. Give money to solidly Catholic schools. Keep your money when the shoddy Catholic schools come begging. I hate to say that but some people only think in terms of money. Maybe if we start witholding our money we can reach those who are not persuaded by rhetoric. Chose to attend and send your kids to solidly Catholic schools. True, some of the true schools don't have the cache of the crappy schools, but they never will until we start voting with our feet.


Blogger Mairin :o) said...

I could not agree more. I think any institution with Catholic attached to its name should be stripped of the association, the name, the funding in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. If those institutions are defiantly in opposition to what the Church teaches, then they are no longer Catholic.

There is a particular 'catholic' women's college which is a particular offender. This place invited Gloria Steinham to speak at the graduation ceremonies. I think there was enough outcry at that time that she did not.

April 19, 2009 5:59 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Well said... I agree whole heartedly!

April 19, 2009 10:29 PM  

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