March 25, 2009


My recent post on Our Word gets, I hope, a dialogue (see how prog I still am? LOL!) going or, at least, people thinking about Distributism. I also somehow, in my usual random goofball way tie it in to The Waltons

My blog posts are not heavily detailed or long on citations. Sometimes, I wish they were, or I think that they should be, but I'm not sure this medium lends itself to that type of heavy scholarly analysis.

I could do the heavy research and post a dissertation on a topic but who would read that much in blogdom? I know blogdom is scorned, by researchers and major media outlets, for being just a bunch of opinionated folks who can throw a few thoughts together (guilty!). I agree that anyone can blog and we need to question bloggers credibility or motivations; but, I think that same discernment should be applied to anyone and anything we read.

I always wrestle, internally, with how "scholarly" to be on the blog. Should I cite sources and have back-up for my thoughts? Regarding the later, I'll call a psychiatrist who can diagram out my thought processes. In the course of doing that, he will go insane realizing it's not possible to map out the random free-associations of Cathy of Alex! LOL!


Blogger Terry Nelson said...

I know people that are into that, are you?

March 25, 2009 9:51 PM  

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