December 07, 2008

How The Other Half Dies

Ray shared this post with me last night.

A priest of a well-known local parish (my former home) wrote in his most recent bulletin column to his parish his thoughts about the Sacrament of Confession.

Some people have a hard time accepting forgiveness, even in the Confessional. But, good grief, should these people be priests? Is it possible, that a priest made it thru Seminary with no knowledge of the Sacrament of Confession and, certainly, not much insight into its necessity?

If General Absolution made people vote with their feet and go to parishes that offered it, doesn't this just prove the argument that the day when Holy Church becomes a democracy we are all going to vote ourselves straight into Hell?

I'm very jaded by dissent. I think I've heard it all and even I'm blown away by this column. It's tragic on so many levels. Tragic that a priest is not advocating for the Sacrament; instead he is projecting his own personal beliefs and experience to dissuade its use. Tragic that a priest is forgetting his vows and his responsibilities to his flock. Tragic that he's buying the party line. Tragic that he does not have enough spine and a big enough mouth to stand up and proclaim what he knows to be Truth head on into the face of The Enemy.

I know full well Father is playing to his audience and I pray for him constantly.

Since when does an individual Catholic parish determine what is the appropriate use, or nonuse of a Sacrament? Never. If they are truly Catholic, they are one with all of us. Only Protestant parishes try to exist in a vacuum-look around the news, and see how they are dying


Blogger Chris said...

This part- LIKE MOST OF THE CLERGY, I KNEW GENERAL ABSOLUTION WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXTRAORDINARY EVENT, BUT THE PEOPLE, AS YOU WELL KNOW, VOTED WITH THEIR FEET. - really bugged me. I thought about it a lot on my way to Mass this morning. This priest came off like a stubborn teenager- "I don't like what you want me to do and I'm going to make sure you know it."
So it's more important to be a "popular" parish or priest that people like- and have your general absolution- rather than uphold the teaching of the church and the dignity of the sacrament? Isn't that salvation of the souls of the parish more important than whether or not people "like" hearing the truth?!?!?!
How is it that a priest is allowed to openly dissent like that? I just don't get it.
Fr. Ubel gave an excellent homily this morning on confession and the reasons for it, including the reasons for individual confession and why general absolution services are not allowed. What if every parish were blessed enough to have a priest who would speak the truth? I know they're out there....

December 07, 2008 8:35 PM  
Blogger Sanctus Belle said...

If you look you can see that a line is being drawn in the sand and we each must decide. It is rapidly becoming harder, if not impossible to sit in the fence, to stay within the church and actively dissent - either repent and believe, or leave. No one can have two masters. The Lord comes with a sword to divide us...between sheep and goats He will divide us.

December 08, 2008 8:48 AM  

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