November 03, 2008

It's the Life, Stupid

Gentle Reader: Most of you know that I fast for various intentions on a fairly regular basis. I have a special fondness for His Sacred Heart so I fast on every First Friday. Other times, I throw in some random sacrifices.

I'm glad I'm telling you this, because to look at me you'd be hard pressed to see where the food sacrifice comes in. Let's just say "I'm well curved" and leave it at that. :-)

But, that's the whole point of sacrifice. Whether it's giving up food, email, reading, free time, up something that you are attached to, that you care about, is a pittance compared to the Ultimate Sacrifice. Still in my patheticness, I make a lame attempt at it on occasion.

It's like sending a Hallmark card to God. It's not like He needs to get any mail from me, but fasting is my way of saying "Hey, God, thanks!"

I'm pretty lowkey about my fasting. I tell my readers sometimes but I only ever tell people in my daily life that I'm in a fast if I reach one of those intercepts between Faith and every day life (Hi RR!) where you have to explain yourself.

For example; Occasionally, at work in a desperate effort to encourage team solidarity, (IMHO, you can't force this kind of thing but this is the world I live in) they will promote some kind of team building exercise that involves food. Working for a food company, you can, perhaps, appreciate my daily challenge.

Three times it's happened that said event falls in the middle of my fast and here I am unable to simply bow out without explaing why I will not only not be cooking anything to share with the group I will not be eating it either and why.

You may say to yourself that this must present marvelous opportunities for evangelization. Perhaps. Or, maybe, I just suck at it. It's tough to evangelize with folks who, it's not that they don't "get" the concept of fasting for a "religious" reason, it's that they are down right hostile towards it. Two people on the team are Catholics and they don't get why I feel a need to do more than the bare minimum ("Good grief, can't you just fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday!?"). One asked me if I felt fasting made me a better Catholic then he is. I retorted "No, I'm a bad Catholic. That's why I need to do it"

I try to explain the concept of thanking God for His Sacrifice with a lame attempt at my own but do you know how hard it is to explain sacrifice to a people that are by and large spoiled rotten? How many of the people that I will encounter in my day to day ramblings are denied anything they want? Most people I know can get all the food they need and then some. Most people I know have more than one car. Most people I know have a steady income. Most people I know have health insurance. Most people I know can get assistance of some kind if they need it.

This is who we are as U.S. citizens. I don't perceive widespread suffering. Even our definition of economically challenged is nowhere near what to be economically challenged means in most African, Indonesian or South American countries.

Yep, and I say all this in spite of our current economy. No one wants to hear my take on the economic bailout. It makes me extremely cranky. Enough said.

It is said that the U.S. Election that we will vote in TOMORROW will be decided on the basis of the economy. Many say that the new President will be elected based upon his vision for the economy. I hear many people tell me that concerns for the sanctity of life should not be as big of a concern to me as the economy. I should vote more based upon the economy..blah, blah.

I ask you: "How many dead people give a crap about the economy? How many of the unborn, the euthanized, the contracepted, the aborted care about the economy either now or ever?"

I hear a lot of talk in boardrooms these days about how they need to do "something" to head off the serious lack of talent they are going to be facing in the near future. Why? There are not enough working age adults ALIVE to fill positions in their companies. So, they are coming up with incentive plans to try and lure some of the small pool of prospects to want to work for them. They talk about legalizing illegal immigrants. Why? Not out of some perceived compassionate motivation-it's because they are going to need the labor. They talk about offshoring U.S. jobs, not because they care about employing someone in Mumbai, it's because they see a day (in some industries its already here) where they don't have enough people in the U.S. to do the work (there are a multitude of reasons given but it comes down to bandwidth).

It seems to me-and I'm not an economic genius just a surly Catholic blogger-that LIFE IS THE ECONOMY. How can you even have an economy with no labor base?

Looming ahead, I can see the dark solution to the "problem" of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds is don't worry about Social Security or Medicare not having enough working age adults to pay into it because we are just going to encourage "compassionate end of life death, er, care" so we don't have to pay for those folks that just simply refuse to die when we want them to.

We will cut Medicaid by not allowing the disabled to be born. Maybe we can think of some reasons to kill them off if they are born.

Life SHOULD be the economy but I fear the economy we will get is the economy of death.

Pray for our Nation. Pray like you've never prayed before. Neither major party candidate is 100% life. Pray that whoever is elected has a conversion of heart.


Blogger Angela M. said...

Heh...the Economy of Salvation. Makes total sense, doesn't it?!

November 03, 2008 11:47 PM  
Blogger ignorant redneck said...

HI Ho, Hi HO, It's to the Polls I go... with a sense of peace and awillingness to accept that we've put the election in Gods hands. Through prayer and fasting.

If the Evil win, I simply expect that to be part of the chastisment I've been expecting for years. If we get a reprieve, I will rejoice in the mercy of the Lord.

But most of all, I've learned that we need to do more fasting, more prayer, and more good old fashioned repenting! Because the better we live our faith, thebetter we follow the Lord, as individuals, the better our society will follow collectivly.

Because Oue sosiety is made out of individuals.

Thanks for prayer and fasting, Cathy, and may the Lord b with you today.

November 04, 2008 5:40 AM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

Redneck: Et cum spiritu tuo.

I'm with you brother. No matter what happens the work is not done and we still need to model a Christian life.

Thank YOU for putting the word out about the prayer and fast effort.

November 04, 2008 7:29 AM  
Anonymous Gette said...

I hear ya, girlfriend, about the really hard sacrifice -- being on the curvatious side, myself! ;-p

As for dealing with the secular folks when fasting, I find it easier to let them think I'm dieting. Far less 'splaining to do!

November 10, 2008 4:48 PM  

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