October 06, 2008

Have Bike Will Evangelize

Deep curtsy to Vincenzo who alerted me to this.

Via the Free Republic forum: Mormons will build their 12th temple in the heart of Catholicism (Rome). Hilarious comment in the thread by irishjuggler: Let's put it this way... If anyone in Italy's Catholic Church is worried that a religion that prohibits coffee, cigarettes and vino will gain a significant number of Italian converts, they're delusional..

Sure the comment is really funny. I roared. But, is it funny? Really? No.

Say what you want to about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, they got it goin' on as evangelizing missionaries. I can hardly drive/walk thru Frogtown without running into their young male missionaries on mountain bikes tearing thru the neighborhood spreading Joseph Smiths' version of the Gospel.

They are making serious inroads against Catholicism in Latin and South America-traditional Roman Catholic nations.

A true Catholic can scoff, and rightly so, about this. The true doctrine of Christ, as disseminated thru the Church Christ founded, is The Way.

But, how much of our true Faith is reaching anyone, much less the people in what were, historically, our missionary lands?

Probably not much since the Church, in a combination of political correctness and shame over it's not always glorious aspects of missionary history, has very much retreated from active missionary evangelization. When I was growing up, to even talk about missions was just not done. It was wrong to even mention "forcing" ones "private and personal" faith on anyone else. I think we (me too) took that sense of shame too much to heart and now we don't even want to talk about our Faith in public. Period.

Sure, thanks to Pope John Paul II some of the missionary zeal of the Church is back but it's not back enough.

I look at my own people. The Anishinabeg (a.k.a. Ojibway or Chippewa) mired in drug addiction, broken families, gangs, crime,violence and misguided youth and I think how badly needed the Catholic Church really is. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church, cognizent of the accusations of abuse against The People (some of which are horribly true and others that are not) has retreated into a sort of passive nullity. Still around but barely alive. Meanwhile, the war is being won by Evangelical Protestantism or Satan. The forces of misinterpretation or evil-take your pick.

Maybe we don't need men on ships, donkeys, horses, or even bikes to bring The Truth to The People. But, for God's sake, for our own sake, we need something.

Pope John Paul II's cornerstone message was: "Do not be afraid", "Be not afraid". He was talking to us. Do not be afraid of the message of Christ. Maybe we are not afraid, but we certainly are ashamed. We have to be ashamed or else we would be biking thru Frogtown, thru Leech Lake, thru Rosebud, thru Chiapas.

In your face Catholicism that's what we need!!!

We don't have it anymore. It exists only in history books and museums.

I have to go to the Minnesota History Center to see an exhibit of the splendid history of our Faith. I have to go and look at vestments and Church goods under glass that are far more awe-inspiring than anything I see in an actual Catholic Church these days. I have to look at old Vatican newsreels to see legions of Catholics praying as one with true concern for the health of the Holy Father-a united front of Faith-as opposed to today where they'd also show the so-called Catholic protestors calling for an abolishment of the "office" of the Papacy.

We are ashamed to be Catholics. We are ashamed to be Catholics when we make our churches into Protestant meeting halls. We are ashamed to be Catholics when we publicly dumb down our Faith because we don't want to hurt anyones feelings. We are ashamed to be Catholics when we just try to get along with everyone. We are ashamed of our wealth. Why? We contain the fullness of The Truth-of course, we have more than anyone else.

Share it!!!!! Don't be ashamed. Don't be afraid!

You don't need a bike to evangelize-just a big mouth. Use it.


Blogger Adrienne said...

When anyone attempts to make fun of Mormans in one of my RE classes I am quick to tell them they could learn something about raising good kids from them.

October 06, 2008 7:06 PM  
Blogger Angela M. said...

I feel a post brewing...

October 06, 2008 10:09 PM  
Blogger Cathy_of_Alex said...

adrienne: Solid family life is a hallmark of theirs that we could learn much from. There theology is questionable but I admire their strong emphasis on family.

Angela: I can't wait!

October 06, 2008 10:17 PM  
Blogger LarryD said...

Great post. I'll be linking to it later today (God willing and the creek don't rise!)

October 07, 2008 7:25 AM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

Well, the solid family life depends on which side of the doore you're living on. Many ex Mormons tell rather sad stories of their home lives. But having said that, yes, Mormons and JWs are far better at evangelizing than we are.

October 08, 2008 12:48 PM  

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