March 09, 2008

The 5 Parable Meme

Adoro interrupted her dream state to tag me with a meme! Hey, Adoro, go back to sleep! I'm just sayin'....I found this challenging.

1. Name your 5 favorite parables
2. Lose more blog votes by tagging 5 people!
3. Tell everyone Adoro sent you!

As usual, I'm going to be a rebel and do as I durn well please with the rules. Hey, it's my blog! I'm pretty sure it is not an excommunicable offense to manipulate a meme. If there are any canon lawyers around, I'm sure they will set me straight. In any event, Adoro's going to say something, I triple-dog dare her! LOL!

1) The Parable of the Sinful Woman Who Would Not Do a Meme: "Jesus said: Once in the land of Honah Lee...."

Ok, ok, there is no such Parable in Scripture. However, if someone can find it, let me know....

1) The Prodigal Son--This was the Gospel reading a few Saturdays ago and I finally heard it for the first time. I'm mean really heard it. I finally realized that I was the Prodigal Son. The Father is God. My Parent was pacing the land, watching the horizon for my return home. I cried. Think about your earthly parent, looking for you. Think of Tara looking for her daughter and you get the idea. Many of us who blog were (perhaps are) the Prodigal Son. Think of the joy when your Parent finally sees you after those long years when they know you must be in trouble. Think of them rushing to meet you with their arms outstretched. My favorite painting of the Prodigal Son is this one (below), by Pompeo Batoni. The Father enfolds the grieving, penitent, nearly naked son with his arms and encircles him in the protection and warmth of his robe. I think of the pain I caused by my absence into sin and I weep some more. Hold me Father and never let me go.

2) The Widow and the Judge--A wonderful reminder to me of the necessity for the persistence of prayer and petition. Too often, I give up. God always hears and He always answers. His answer may not be what we want to hear but He always listens and responds. God never gives up, I do.

3) The Pharisee and the Tax Collector--The Pharisee puffs himself up with his self-righteousness and thanks God that he is not as "bad" as everyone else. The Tax Collector beats his breast and pleads for God's mercy. The Tax Collector does not flatter himself that he is better than anyone. When I think I'm more enlightened than the dissident friends I left behind, I read this Parable.

4) The Marriage Feast--A reminder that we are less than we think we are and we should act like it. Let someone else have the better seat and quit jockeying for social position and prominence. It's better to sit higher in Heaven than on earth.

5) The Rich Fool--A man worries about stockpiling his earthly treasures and makes the mistake of thinking he can worry about his Heavenly treasure later. There is no later. There is only now. Once you are called, there is no time to make it up. When the Lord calls your name, what you've done up to then is done and you will be held to account for it. It will not matter how well organized your estate is. Jesus is not going to ask you if you created a tax shelter for your heirs.

I tag.....YOU!


Blogger Angela M. said...

Dang! I knew this meme would catch up with me sooner or later! Thanks a lot, eh!

March 09, 2008 3:18 PM  

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