February 11, 2008

Pick Up Your Cross-Get Up, Up, Up!!!!!

Lately, as many of us do during Lent, I've been meditating upon the Cross.

When I was dissident Catholic I alternated between ignoring the Cross, misunderstanding the Cross, and fearing the Cross. I did not care to see a Cross. Most of the Catholic parishes I attended Mass at as an adult did not have a Cross in the Sanctuary. I did not miss it. How can you miss what you have no understanding of? How can you fight for its inclusion in a Catholic parish, when you have no idea why its supposed to be there in the first place?

My most recent reflections upon the Cross have to do with sin and our Lenten journeys. Many of us give up or add something to our Life in Christ during Lent. Many of us, myself included, have good intentions during Lent but sometimes, due to our weakness or giving in to temptations, we forget or we give up.

I've been thinking of Christ carrying the Cross to Calvary. He certainly was not carrying His sins. He was carrying ours. The Son of God fell three times. The Son of God fell three times under the weight of OUR sins.

Each time He got up. Even He condescended to receive help when it was offered. He was not too proud. St. Simon helped Him. St. Veronica wiped the sweat and blood from His face. The women prayed and wept for Him. His Mother embraced Him.

He never gave up. He fell and He rose. He knew what His mission was. He accepted it and He did it. People lended assistance along His path the best they could. Do we always help when we see a brother or sister buckling under the weight of their Cross? Do we accept, or even ask for, help when we know we need it or does our pride get in the way?

When we fall back on our Lenten promises then get back up! If you see someone struggling, help them! A wise priest I know always says that when you fail then start each moment afresh. Yet, how many times do we just wallow there under the weight? How many times do we fail to seek the forgiveness Our Lord won for us via Sacramental Confession? How many times do we turn away?

We, in the online community, have a ready source of online friends to help us when we admit we need help. I'm so grateful for all the support I received a few weeks back when I admitted I was having trouble.

Go to your friends and family. Most of all: go to Him.

He carried the Cross for us. Lord, may I have the grace to carry my Cross without complaint. May I have the compassion to help those that I see struggling carry theirs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Cathy.

February 11, 2008 8:21 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Very well said. It's called humility and we all need a healthy dose.

February 11, 2008 1:03 PM  

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