July 02, 2007

Installation Mass

Correction 7/3/07:A blog reader, informed me that the Pioneer Press had a prominent story on the Installation Mass. I find the Pioneer Press website search engine to be, largely, inaccurate. When I could not find anything, I assumed they had not covered the Mass. Thanks for the correction!

Now that I'm back in town, I heard the local papers largely ignored Coadjutor Archbishop Nienstedt's Installation Mass on Friday. Who cares what they have to say about it? Mary and Ray were there. I trust their opinions and commentary on the event more then those for whom the reporting that event is just another task.

By the by, several FAITHFUL local priests that I've spoken to are very excited about our new Coadjutor. Either because they've known him for years, or they liked what they saw/heard during the Presbyter's Meeting last week.

Pray for our Shepherds.


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