April 16, 2007

Watch Out for Bicyclists!

Ah Spring! Nice weather, get the bike out, almost get hit by a car....

Yes, every early Spring, drivers forget to watch for bicyclists and it can be pretty treacherous out there.

A driver turned right against the light and almost hit me tonight. I saw him in the nick of time and stopped but I was unable to click both feet out of my pedals and went down. My right calf is really cut up from the back of my pedal scraping it. I want to take the opportunity to publicly thank my Guardian Angel because it could have been a lot worse.

I'm not one of those cyclists that crosses on red and runs lights either.

Of course, now I may have more leg scars to add to my collection. I already have 2 on my left leg from bike accidents. We'll see. Maybe I need a calf tattoo of my Angel?

My buddy called me to see if I made it home ok, because he was there when the accident happened. "I bet you took your bike to the shop BEFORE you went home" I hate it when people talk like they know me! Yes, I went to Erik's Bike Shop first, bleeding all over the place. Hey, my bike costs more than my car! Plus, I can't stand not to have access to my bike. Yes, Mom. (if she were here) Poor excuses. What can I say? You can become an adult but you can't fully remove the teenager from the adult.

Be CAREFUL out there!


Blogger Angela Messenger said...

I'm glad you are OK!

April 16, 2007 8:55 PM  

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