April 26, 2007

Minnesota Stem Cell Bill Update

Disputed stem cell bill gets early OK
Partisan Senate vote could be first step toward Pawlenty veto
Pioneer Press

University of Minnesota researchers could use taxpayer funds to conduct stem cell research through the destruction of human embryos under a bill that won support Wednesday from the state Senate.

DFL lawmakers said the state investment is needed to put Minnesota back on top in the field of medical research. Republican opponents countered that any research requiring the destruction of human embryos is unethical and perhaps illegal in Minnesota.

The 36-26 vote is the first of two needed in the Senate. Similar support is expected in the House, but it is unclear whether either chamber has enough votes to overturn the veto Gov. Tim Pawlenty has threatened.

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May I take this opportunity to say that this is an instance where I'm glad Tim Pawlenty is our Governor? Without him, this thing would probably become law. Please take a moment to contact your lawmakers and make your opposition known.


Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

God bless Gov. Pawlenty, here in WI we have Gov. Doyle who has made furthering stem cell research/killing embroyos his big crusade and wants it to be what WI is known for. It is very sad, but Madison is like a diffrent world, hardly of this state at times.

May 01, 2007 1:44 AM  

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