March 18, 2007

Local News

Finally! A front page story about the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is not the only one with a vocations crisis! However, I think our vocations "crisis" in this Archdiocese is turning around.

Also, the story on the New Ways Ministry event that I blogged about earlier. There was a prayer or vigil countereffort. As I said, I was not there. I don't know anyone who was. If anyone who was there wants to comment, please do.

Note the visible Call to Action presence (Catholic. Liberal. Faithful is their slogan. I want to get a shirt together that says: Scripture. Tradition. Magisterium. to counter theirs). There is the usual complete lack of understanding of Catholicism as well as the median age of the attendees: 50s and 60s.

The final comment: "The Catholic Church moves very slowly, and I don't expect acceptance to happen in my lifetime," Jaco said. "But I never expected it to get this far in my lifetime, either." (I got news for you, honey, acceptance of the practice of homosexuality by the Catholic Church is never going to happen.)


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