February 12, 2007

The Wanderer Weighs In

I'm behind on my newspaper reading so I just read my copy of The Wanderer for February 1, 2007. Editor A.J. Matt, Jr. has an editorial critical of the Catholic Spirit and their profile on Senator Torres Ray.

I blogged about this issue previously here, here, here, here, and here

The Wanderer has a website but they only publish a few stories on it. This is not one of them. Track an issue down if you can. (Ray from MN: I will bring my copy for you to read when we meet for coffee later!)

In any event, The Wanderer is an excellent, faithfully, Catholic publication based in the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis. Yet another sign that not everything Catholic in this Archdiocese is lacking-despite all the bad blog press we frequently get.

Oh, and you SHOULD subscribe to The Wanderer. Seriously. You can request a free sample copy. (651) 224-5733. Fathers Altier, Cusick and Zuhlsdorf have regular columns. Thomas Roeser writes a very good, regular, political column. I'm always impressed by how well researched The Wanderer columns are; especially in this day and age where it seems anything in print is taken as authoritative even if there is absolutely no evidence to back it up.


Blogger Ray from MN said...

Reading The Wanderer in Dunn Brothers?!?!?!

You know how the Twin Cities free monthly magazine, "The Rake", publishes photos of guys/gals who are pictured with a copy of The Rake on their world travels?

Well, maybe the Matts should start a feature similar to that for the The Wanderer. Bring your digital camera!

I don't imagine that The Wanderer is often seen in coffee shops, or,frankly, outside of buildings with lots of candles, statues, palms, holy cards and pictures and kneelers.

Note to potential subscribers of The Wanderer: Their columnists get paid by the word; and they are all quite rich!

The nominees are up for Catholic Blog Awards. I guess we ALL made the final cut.

Vote, early, and often! No, that would be a sin. But, let's put it this way, be a "homer" and vote for all the "locals!"

February 12, 2007 2:13 PM  

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