February 08, 2007

Stem Cell Bill Heard in MN Legislative Committee

Minnesota DFL lawmakers have proposed bills (H.F. 34 and S.F. 100) that endorse state funding for embryonic stem cell research at the University of Minnesota. Stem cells are the building blocks that create other cells in the body. Supporters see embryonic research as a promising source of treatments for many diseases, but opponents find it immoral because it requires the destruction of human embryos. They also point to alternative stem cell sources. Gov. Tim Pawlenty has threatened a veto unless certain restrictions are added to the bills.

The Governor will sign the bill as long as the only embyronic stem cells used are those from embryos "left over" from fertility clinics that are damaged or incapable of giving life. The Governor favors adult stem cells or cells from cord blood.

Now is the time to call your Minnesota State Senator, House Rep. and the Governor's office to make your opposition to embryonic stem cell research known.

The Pioneer Press (St. Paul) has the story.


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