January 17, 2007

January 22nd, Day of Penance, Roe v. Wade/Doe v. Bolton Anniversary

"In all the dioceses of the United States of America, January 22 (or January 23, when January 22 falls on a Sunday) shall be observed as a particular day of penance for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion, and of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life. The Mass “For Peace and Justice” (no. 22 of the “Masses for Various Needs”) should be celebrated with violet vestments as an appropriate liturgical observance for this day. (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, no. 373)"

Locally, on the 22nd, the March for Life begins at Noon at the State Capital in St. Paul. A Prayer Vigil will be held from 1:00-2:00 at Regions Hospital. Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life has more information.

Deep Curtsy to Ray and Mitchell for the information.

Start planning your particular day of fasting/penance/prayers/political action/Mass attendance now to mark this terrible anniversary!


Blogger Angela Messenger said...

Thanks for sharing that Cathy!

January 17, 2007 7:32 PM  

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