December 22, 2006

In Honor of Christine Schult

I really miss Chris’ blog. This is probably the kind of post she would have done were she able right now. Pray for her continued recovery please.

In today’s Pioneer Press is a horrific story of a 7-months pregnant woman being robbed and beaten in the parking lot of a St. Paul grocery store that is not all that far from my home. Terrible, terrible. She is fine and the baby is fine. But, check out this paragraph:

At the end of the Wednesday night attack, the 36-year-old St. Paul woman had a lump larger than an egg on her forehead, three to four golf-ball-size lumps on her head, several chipped teeth, a bloody cut on her head, a black-and-blue eye and a swollen lip. Her fetus was reportedly unharmed. Paramedics took the woman to United Hospital in St. Paul.

It is a BABY o.k.?! Does that mother think the life inside her is not a child? What would you say to her if you met her: “I’m glad your fetus is fine?”

I’m going to see Rocky Balboa this weekend. Chris and I had a little dialog on her blog a while back about Sylvester Stallone. I’ll post an update with what I think of the film. I hope Chris can see the film herself soon.

Update 12/26/06: I saw Rocky Balboa yesterday. It was what I expected. It's really a revisiting of the first Rocky. It was an enjoyable Christmas Day film. It's very talky in the first 1/2. It really takes off when Rocky begins his training to face Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver) (another great name by the guy who brought you Apollo Creed). Rocky owns an Italian restaurant in South Philly where the food is cooked by Mexicans. Paulie (Burt Young) is still around and he still drinks too much but he's softened up. Adrian is deceased. Rocky's son resents being Rocky's son but they all end up one big happy when it counts.

There's a little bit of an ick factor in Rocky's relationship with Marie (Geraldine Hughes). I'm not going to give it away but if you saw the first Rocky you'll get it.

Rocky says: "Every fighter has one great fight left in him". Is it possible that Sylvester Stallone has one great film left in him? Not sure this is it but given his list of films it could be. I find it interesting to view this film through the perspective of Stallone's career since Rocky. Mr. Stallone could be trying to tell us something. As an actor he has some powerful moments regarding Adrian's death and trying to get a boxing license.

I don't think anyone has ever done more to film the real, gritty, blue-collar, Philadelphia then Sly and he does it here again. He's a little over-the-top on the "Yo's" but I think he knows that.

They could have found a bigger actor to play Mason Dixon. Rocky looks like a brick wall compared to him.

Not a great film but a good one. You could wait for a rental. But for the boxing and some of Paulie's intoxication scenes it's almost a family film. There is very little swearing. In fact, while typing this I can't think of any profanity in the film.


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