December 22, 2006

Grace is Flowin' Like a River

Gentle Reader: I just went to Confession and received Absolution. I lit a candle for my deceased friend in front of my parish's Pieta and I feel like I always do afterwards. Fabulous! I've got Grace flowing in my veins like a river.

I came home and deleted one of my posts from yesterday. It was a vile post. I had no business lumping my fellow Catholics into categories and assigning them evil names. No, Ray, you aren't dreaming the post IS gone. It would seem that Terry is not the only one who can take posts down later!

As a family, I think it's important that we show a united front. Even if we quarrel and disagree with one another at times. At the end of the day, we need to stand up for one another. Not tear each other down.

I pray every one of you reading this blog will avail yourselves of the wonderful Sacrament of forgiveness that God has given us. It is SO important and such a gift.

Why deprive yourself of ANY opportunity to be face to face with God? Whether it's in the confessional, at Mass, during Adoration, at prayer, they are all so marvelous.

As Catholics we are truly blessed. We have SO many chances to be one with God. Why not take as many of them as you possibly can?

If I offended anyone with that post, please accept my deepest apologies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the feeling regarding removal of posts. I'm more of an editor than a remover, myself.

Love the blog.


December 22, 2006 10:56 PM  

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