December 11, 2006

All I Want for Christmas....When the Going Gets Tough: BAKE!!

I'm home today waiting for my vet to call. One of my cats had to be rushed into the vet this morning. I thought I'd blog to take my mind off things. All My Children is lame right now so I can't even get into that!

This is one of the most Penintential and trying Advents I've ever had. This is actually not the WORST Advent I've ever had but it's in the Top 3.

Unlike my past difficult Advents, this year I'm putting myself entirely in His hands. "Thy Will Be Done, Lord" I'm also praying to our Blessed Lady for strength and St. Joseph, the ultimate earthly Father. I can't help but think of the Holy Family this time of year.

As bad as things get for me, there is always someone who is worse off. In speaking with many of my out-of-state relatives recently they are not having a good time either. Job lay-offs, spousal discord, money woes, drug problems, health issues, you name it. The Salvation Army bell-ringers are still around so I know there are people in need whom I don't know.

The Holy Family did not have an easy time either. Even though we don't know for sure that December 25th was the actual Nativity: It does not matter. The point is He was born. It does not change the fact of the difficulties the Holy Family experienced. Indeed, all families of that age in the Holy Land experienced. How would you like to have your first born son slain?

The Blessed Mother faced condemnation and death agreeing to be the Vessel of the Lord. St. Joseph faced ridicule and contempt by agreeing to take Mary into his home. They had to travel when Mary was heavily pregnant. There was no shelter available to them when the Birth was approaching and Our Lord was born in a stable. Then they had to flee to Egypt. All the while doing as He willed, trusting in Him. Sometimes, it seems that trust and that faith was all they had.

I only want two things for Christmas this year. The first is that the Lord carry me in His arms during this trying time. I also pray my Aunt will make it to Minnesota from Florida to be with her friend before she dies. I don't want gifts. I don't even want money.

I was thinking of my Grandmother's today (both living and deceased). My Mom and my Grandma's had a saying: "When times get tough: bake". My Maternal Grandma would bake 3 pies, a tray of brownies, and cook dinner when she was upset. Paternal Grandma would cook enough goulash to feed a Battalion. My Mom would bake cinnamon rolls and bread. I took their advice and I'm baking dinners for Alan (Kathy's husband) to take over there when I visit this week. I feel better already. The Lord, good food, the matriarchs of my family guiding me... It does not get any better then this.


Blogger Ray from MN said...

I remember how wonderful it was when my Mom died and her two sisters each invited my siblings and I over for a meal to help ease the pain and the loss. It was wonderful.

Feeding the hungry and comforting the afflicted; you got two of your basic Corporal Works of Mercy right there, Cathy. You're on the right track.

December 11, 2006 3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try imagining Della Reece in "Touched By An Angel"...see, my life is just one big sit-com!

Seriously - you're so much in my prayers. Have Our Lady carry you, that way you can snuggle close to the Infant Jesus in her womb.

December 11, 2006 4:37 PM  

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