November 01, 2006

All Saints

Blessed Be All Saints: Known and Unknown

I found this prayer the other day. It's a Prayer to any Virgin-Saint. I inserted St. Catherine of Alexandria (who else?) but you may have a Virgin Saint of your own.

O worthy spouse of that Lamb of God which feeds among the lilies, (St. Catherine of Alexandria), you preserved intact the flower of your purity; edifying all by the constant practice of this lovely virtue; obtain for me, I pray, the grace to follow your example, that, overcoming all inordinate earthly affections and living in the spirit of Jesus Christ, I may abound in charity and good works. Make me to be enamored of the angelic virtue of purity, that by word and deed I may inspire others with a love of it, and may become worthy to join the happy choir of your companions who, together with you, enjoy the Beatific Vision, and follow the Lamb "whithersoever He goeth"


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